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Programs offered:

B.A. in Theatre
Minor in Theatre (TU)

Please consult the University Bulletin for degree requirements.

Students majoring in theatre engage in both the scholarship and practice of theatre and its various disciplines. Courses in acting, directing, stagecraft, design, history, playwriting and administration offer students a broad depth of study firmly rooted in the liberal arts tradition. A variety of department productions provide students ongoing opportunities to apply their knowledge in public venues. Oglethorpe’s unique relationships with Atlanta's thriving arts community also provide students with performance opportunities and professionally oriented internships unparalleled in the region.

A theatre minor serves as an appropriate complement to a variety of majors in communications and the humanities.

The following are possible courses offered in Theatre:

THE 105. Beginning Characterization 4 hours
This course explores the physical and mental foundations necessary for successful stage performance. Students will be expected to engage in hands-on exercises, physical and vocal warmups, and performance work (both individual and partnered) throughout the semester. The basic principles of the Stanislavski method will be explored through stage combat, mime, movement, vocalization, and contemporary characterization.
THE 205. Intermediate Characterization 4 hours
Intermediate Characterization is a studio intensive course that explores the methods of 20th-century American acting teacher Sanford Meisner. This course is designed to provide
students with an in-depth understanding of his approach to acting, which builds upon tenets put forth by Constantin Stanislavski. Meisner's training approaches will be uncovered through immersive studio exercises, in-depth scene study assignments, and review and discussion of Meisner's seminal book Sanford Meisner on Acting, as well as other related literature. Prerequisite: THE 105.
THE 210. Theatre History I: Greeks to Restoration 4 hours
An in-depth study of theatrical history, examining not only the theatrical literature of particular periods, but the staging practices, costuming, social customs and performance styles as well. Periods covered include: Greek, Roman, Medieval, Elizabethan, and Restoration.
THE 220. Theatre History II: Renaissance to 20th Century 4 hours
An in-depth study of theatrical history, examining not only the theatrical literature of particular periods, but the staging practices, costuming, social customs and performance styles as well. Periods and styles covered include: Renaissance, Neo-classic, Sentimental Comedy, Domestic Tragedy, Melodrama, and Realism.
THE 305. Advanced Characterization 4 hours
This course affords the advanced theatre student an opportunity to explore methods for rehearsing and performing texts written by William Shakespeare. With a focus on the practical demands of Shakespeare's language, the course addresses technical, stylistic, historical and interpretive considerations as they relate to the feat of performance. This course builds upon the student's understanding of Stanislavkian acting with the assumption that, despite formal differences, Shakespearean texts can be approached with psychological-realist tactics. Prerequisite: THE 205.
THE 310. Stagecraft 4 hours
Stagecraft provides hands-on experience and assignments designed to physically and mentally engage the technician and designer. This class will focus on historical perspective as well as individual research and design. Students will be evaluated on the basis of a mid-term examination, written assignments, the completion of a minimum number of practicum hours and a final design project.
THE 320. Special Topics in Theatre 4 hours
This course will be a study of a selected topic in theatre and/or film, such as Feminist Theatre, Shakespeare in Performance, Gender in Performance, The Hero in American Film, or Hollywood's Treatment of Women. Prerequisite: THE 105 or permission of the instructor.
THE 330. Directing for the Stage I 4 hours
This course offers the intermediate to advanced theatre student an opportunity to explore the foundations of directing texted material for live theatrical performance. The primary focus of this course will be on experiential learning rather than abstract study. The course provides practical experience with the three preparatory phases of directing: research, analysis and conceptualization. Prerequisite: THE 205.
THE 340. Directing for the Stage II 4 hours
This course serves as the studio practicum for Directing for the Stage I, culminating in performances staged as part of the Oglethorpe University theatre season. The work of individual students will be scheduled accordingly. All student work will be evaluated by a faculty panel. Prerequisite: THE 330.
THE 407. Internship in Theatre 1-4 hours
An internship is designed to provide a formalized experiential learning opportunity to qualified students. The internship generally requires the student to obtain a faculty supervisor in the relevant field of study, submit a learning agreement, work 30 hours for every hour of academic credit, keep a written journal of the work experience, have regularly scheduled meetings with the faculty supervisor, and write a research paper dealing with some aspect of the internship. Written work should total five pages of academic writing for every hour of credit. Internships are available at most of the 147 Atlanta Coalition for Performing Arts member theatres. Graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Prerequisites: Permission of the faculty supervisor and qualification for the internship program.
THE 408. Independent Study in Theatre

1-4 hours

Supervised research on a selected topic. Prerequisite: Submission of a proposed outline of study that includes a schedule of meetings and assignments approved by the instructor, the division chair, and the Provost and Senior Vice President prior to registration.
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