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Why Major In Math?

Programs offered:

B.S. in Mathematics
Minor in Mathematics (TU)

Please consult the University Bulletin for degree requirements.

During the course of study in mathematics, students move from a concrete, algorithmic mode of reasoning in early courses to a more abstract, formal mode of reasoning in the later capstone courses. 

The successful mathematics student will:

  • Sharpen his/her problem-solving skills,
  • Communicate mathematical results in a rigorous way that exhibits good mathematical speaking, and
  • Communicate mathematical results in a rigorous way that exhibits good mathematical writing.

Through tutoring, volunteer, and internship opportunities, participating mathematics majors can further strengthen their own understanding of mathematics and help others to do the same. Upon graduation, mathematics majors are ready to pursue graduate study in mathematics or in a variety of other disciplines, teacher preparation, or employment in industry, including actuarial science and operations research.

All mathematics courses required for the major and the minor have prerequisites. While these prerequisites can be satisfied in a variety of ways, the most efficient way for most students is to take the mathematics placement examination no later than the start of a student’s first semester at Oglethorpe. The mathematics placement exam will diagnose if a student has sufficient mathematical acuity to exempt any (or all) of the mathematics prerequisites and, if not, will also diagnose an action plan for preparing the student to satisfy prerequisites in the shortest possible time. Please consult the Oglethorpe University's Bulletin Sec. 5.4.1. for additional information. Mathematics majors who satisfy the relevant mathematics proficiency prerequisites their first semester at Oglethorpe are urged to register for the appropriate mathematics course(s) right away. Students needing additional math preparation must acquire the needed expertise in time to begin the mathematics courses required for the major in their sophomore year.

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