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The physical science and biological science courses are appropriate for students who have a good background in algebra but a minimal one in other sciences. Students with excellent preparation in the sciences may elect one of the regular lecture-and-laboratory courses in biology, chemistry, or physics.

The following courses are offered in General Science.

GEN 101. Natural Science: The Physical Sciences

4 hours

This topically-oriented course will examine the many facets of scientific investigation. These include the underlying assumptions, the limitations, the provisional nature, and the power of the scientific process, as well as the influences of science on other aspects of human activity. Experimentation is the hallmark of scientific investigation. As such, laboratory experimentation will be a distinguishing feature of this course. Course time devoted to experimentation in the laboratory, as well as inside and outside the classroom, will intertwine with time devoted to discussion and lecture. Natural Science: The Physical Sciences will deal with a topic drawn from the physical sciences. These will include, but not be limited to: Chemistry, Cosmology, Descriptive Astronomy, History of Science, Meteorology, Modern Scientific Perspectives of the Universe, and Oceanography. Prerequisite: MAT 103 or by examination.
GEN 102. Natural Science: The Biological Sciences

4 hours

This course is designed to examine the many facets of scientific investigation. Laboratory experimentation will be an important feature, with course time devoted to experimentation in the laboratory as well as the classroom. Rather than a survey of the entire field of biology, this effort will be directed toward specific topics such as, but not limited to: Cancer, Cell Biology, Human Biology, Ecology, and Evolution.
GEN 200. Internship in Science

1-4 hours

An internship is designed to provide a formalized experiential learning opportunity to qualified students. The internship generally requires the student to obtain a faculty supervisor in the relevant field of study, submit a learning agreement, work 30 hours for every hour of academic credit, keep a written journal of the work experience, have regularly scheduled meetings with the faculty supervisor, and write a research paper dealing with some aspect of the internship. Written work should total five pages of academic writing for every hour of credit. An extensive list of internships is maintained by the Career Services Office, including opportunities at Piedmont Hospital, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Accura Analytical Laboratory. Graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Prerequisites: Permission of the faculty supervisor and qualification for the internship program.
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