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Business Administration






Programs offered:
B.S. in Business Administration
B.B.A in Business Administration
Minor in Business Administration (TU)
Minor in Business Administration (EDP)

Please consult the University Bulletin for degree requirements.

Business Administration prepares students for careers in the business world. Business teaches not only knowledge and use of business terminology but introduces all the major disciplines of a business entity including finance, accounting, marketing, and management. Throughout the curriculum there is an emphasis on strategic thinking, leadership, problem solving, interpersonal as well as oral and written communication skills. Business students study all functional areas of business to enable them to have an appropriate foundation for related careers in advertising, financial services, banking, marketing, management or to pursue graduate education. Internships are available to prepare students for careers after graduation.

In addition to preparing students for business careers and graduate school, the program in business administration provides a strong foundation for other careers. Students gain administrative skills and methods of inquiry that are applicable in governmental and non-profit organizations. Since much legal practice involves business and knowledge of business terminology and institutions, this major is an excellent background for the study and practice of law. Those who may wish to pursue a legal career should consult the Oglethorpe University Bulletin 2012-2014 as soon as practicable.

The following is a sample of courses offered in Business Administration:
BUS 110. Business Law I 4 hours
This course is designed to give the student an awareness of a limited area of those aspects of the law which will be needed in day-to-day dealings with the problems of business. Special emphasis is placed upon the law of contracts, negotiable instruments, agency, and a study of the Uniform Commercial Code as it applies.
BUS 111. Business Law II 4 hours
This course is a study of partnerships, corporations, sales, bailments, security devices, property, bankruptcy, and trade infringements. Prerequisite: BUS 110.

BUS 219. Management Science 4 hours
An introduction to operations research, model building, optimization, linear programming, inventory models, and simulation. Major techniques and models of quantitative analysis as applied to business are studied. Prerequisites: CSC 240, MAT 111, and MAT 121.
BUS 260. Principles of Management 4 hours
This course is an introduction to the principles of management and administration. It includes the study of leadership, conflict resolution, decision making, and the general functions of management in large and small organizations. Students will use computers extensively to do active research, and will learn spreadsheet and graphical tools to aid in the development of their decision-making skills.

BUS 310. Corporate Finance 4 hours
This course is a study of the basic principles of organizational finance and its relation to other aspects of business management and to the economic environment within which the firm operates. Attention is given to basic financial concepts, techniques of financial analysis, sources of funding, asset management, capital budgeting, capital structure, cost of capital, time value of money, and financial decision making under conditions of uncertainty. Prerequisites: ACC 231, ECO 121, and MAT 111.
BUS 350. Marketing 4 hours
This course is concerned with the policies and problems involved in the operation of market institutions. It will examine broad principles and concepts involved in the operation of market planning, market segmentation, consumer behavior, and product management, pricing, distribution, and promotion of goods and services. Aspects of global marketing, current marketing topics, and ethical and social responsibility issues in marketing are addressed. Prerequisites: ACC 231 and ECO 121.
BUS 351. Retailing 4 hours
This course is designed to acquaint the student with one aspect of the marketing activity of distribution known as retailing. The course will involve looking at all the activities necessary to sell goods and services to the final consumer. This will include an examination of such retail topics as consumer markets and behavior, retail site location, retail store operations and management, pricing and communication decisions, merchandising, decision analysis and evaluation, and the regulatory, technological and ethical environments in which retailing operates. Prerequisite: BUS 350.
BUS 352. Marketing Communications 4 hours
Principles, concepts, and practices relating to the various kinds of communications employed to disseminate information about products and services to potential buyers are topics in this course. Communication methods to be studied include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations. The behavioral aspects of both messages and media will be explored. Prerequisite: BUS 350.
BUS 362. Human Resources Management 4 hours
In this course students will explore the perspectives and challenges of Human Resources Management within the context of the emerging global economy. The class will look at traditional HRM topics such as selection and compensation and also at how students can manage their own human resource potential. Prerequisite: BUS 260.
BUS 370. International Business 4 hours
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the problems encountered in conducting business outside one’s own country and to provide a basis for evaluating the impact on business activities of changing economic, political, and cultural factors. Cases will be used throughout the course to give the student experience with the problems and advantages of doing business across national frontiers. A cultural diversity simulation game also will be used. Prerequisite: BUS 260.

BUS 410. Advanced Corporate Finance 4 hours
As a continuation of Corporate Finance, topics in this course will include capital budgeting, intermediate and long-term funding, current asset management, working capital management, and dividend policy. Case studies will be used to emphasize actual business situations and to focus on the comprehensive financial management of the firm. Prerequisite: BUS 310.
BUS 411. Investments 4 hours
An introduction to the environment in which investment decisions are made. Topics explored will include efficient markets, the capital asset pricing model, term structure of interest rates, risk versus return, and performance measures. Although the emphasis will be on stocks and bonds, other investments will be discussed. Prerequisite: BUS 310.
BUS 450. Consumer Behavior 4 hours
This course is designed to develop and enhance an understanding of how and why individuals, groups, and organizations select, secure, use, and dispose of products and the impact this has on consumers and society. The course is interdisciplinary, drawing upon the fields of economics, marketing, psychology, and sociology. Ethical and legal as well as international aspects of consumer behavior are explored in the course. Prerequisite: BUS 350.
BUS 451. Direct Marketing 4 hours
This course is designed to introduce the student to the specialized field of interactive marketing which uses all media to effect a measurable consumer response. Topics to be explored include direct marketing planning, mailing lists and databases, selecting the appropriate media for the message, techniques for creating and producing direct response campaigns, and managing the direct marketing operation. Prerequisite: BUS 350.
BUS 456. Marketing Research 4 hours
This course is designed to explore topics such as the types of research, the research process, research design, sampling procedures, data collection methods, data analysis, and preparation and presentation of research findings. A research project and presentation of findings is usually required in the course. Prerequisites: BUS 350, CSC 240 or equivalent, and MAT 111.
BUS 461. Total Quality Management 4 hours
This course will explore major systematic approaches to Total Quality Management. Students will examine quality management from a “profound knowledge” perspective (Deming, Pirsig, Goldratt), and will learn how to understand quality as a concept for achieving effective management within a firm, and in one’s own life. Prerequisites: BUS 260 and MAT 111.
BUS 469. Strategic Management 4 hours
This course is the capstone integration course for the business program. Students learn integrative thinking skills and strategic management tools through both the reading of conceptual work and the extensive use of the case studies. This course must be taken in residence in order to fulfill the requirements for a degree in this major. Prerequisites: BUS 260, BUS 310, and BUS 350.
BUS 490. Internship in Business Administration 1-4 hours
An internship is designed to provide a formalized experiential learning opportunity to qualified students. The internship generally requires the student to obtain a faculty supervisor in the relevant field of study, submit a learning agreement, work 30 hours for every hour of academic credit, keep a written journal of the work experience, have regularly scheduled meetings with the faculty supervisor, and write a research paper dealing with some aspect of the internship. Written work should total five pages of academic writing for every hour of credit. An extensive list of internships is maintained by the Career Services Office, including opportunities at Office Depot, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, SunTrust Bank and the Atlanta Thrashers. Graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Prerequisites: Permission of the faculty supervisor and qualification for the internship program.
BUS 494. Independent Study in Business Administration 1-4 hours
Supervised research on a selected topic in business administration. Prerequisite: Submission of a proposed outline of study that includes a schedule of meetings and assignments approved by the instructor, the division chair, and the Provost and Senior Vice President prior to registration.
BUS 495. Special Topics in Business Administration 4 hours
An intense study of diverse business topics under the direct supervision of a business administration faculty member. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

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