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Tuition and fees for all semesters are due and payable by the current semester's tuition due date. To discuss your account, please contact the Business Office prior to registration at 404-364-8302. Include studentís name and account ID on all remittances and correspondence to the Business Office. All fees are subject to change.

  • Students who find it necessary to change their schedule by dropping or adding courses must secure an official Drop/Add Form in the Registrarís Office before any adjustments can be made.
  • After Drop/Add week, if any student is in need of withdrawing from a course or from school, an official withdrawal from must be obtained from the Registrarís Office and correct procedure followed.
  • Classes registered for and not Officially  dropped are the financial responsibility of the student.
  • Refunds for room and board will be prorated on a weekly basis. The advance deposit is non-refundable if a student withdraws from the University.
  • The date that will be used by the Business Office for calculation of a refund for drop/add or withdrawal will be the date on which the Registrarís Office receives the official form signed by all required personnel. Students are reminded that an arrangement with a professor will not be recognized as an official change.
  • Anyone who has pre-registered and decides not to attend must officially withdraw.
  • Tuition and fees are refunded according to the schedule. After the 100% tuition refund period, room and board refunds revert to the same schedule as tuition refunds.
  • All other fees except the advanced deposit are subject to the refund schedule. The refund amount is reduced by unpaid charges.

Financial Obligations
Payment of tuition and fees are due by the current semester's tuition due date. Students must satisfy their financial obligations to the University. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of a studentís registration. A student who has not met all financial obligations to the University will not be allowed to register for subsequent courses. He or she will not be allowed to receive a degree from the University. The University reserves the right to withhold transcripts and services to any current or former student who has an unsatisfied financial obligation to the University.

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