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Infrastructure Overview: The IT Services department maintains a state-of-the-art desktop and server infrastructure that supports nearly 2000 users. From the ground up, it was designed to be modular and expandable so as to give the University the greatest computing capability, flexibility and growth potential for our investment dollars.

Server Environment: The University server environment is based exclusively on the Windows Server platform and can be divided into five areas:

Core Services
Core services cover all application and network support that our community commonly uses. These include, but are not limited to, e-mail, web, file, SQL database and application support. Each of these services is generally housed on its own machine running Windows Server patched to the latest level. Most of these services are hosted on Dell 1855 blade servers with dual Intel Xeon CPUs and 4 gigabytes of RAM. Many of these servers are also connected to the University’s Storage Area Network (SAN) to provide the maximum flexibility for disk storage. Currently, the University has nearly 5 terabytes of raw disk storage available.

E-mail services are hosted on 2 HP Proliant DL380G5 servers. One machine serves as the e-mail gateway and provides virus and SPAM e-mail scanning. This machine has 1 dual core Intel Xeon CPU and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The other provides internal e-mail services via Microsoft Exchange. This machine has 2 dual core Intel Xeon CPUs with 8 gigabytes of RAM.

Citrix Services
All common applications are delivered to faculty, students and staff via Citrix Metaframe. Applications delivered in this manner include Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Web publishing software, common teaching applications, administrative tools, the Datatel ERP client and much more. Citrix delivers the full desktop to members of our community from where ever they happen to be whether that is in their office, a campus computer lab, at home or on the road with a laptop. The University has 6 Dell 1955 Citrix servers all running Windows Server. Each server is based on 2 dual core Intel Xeon processors with 8 gigabytes of RAM.

Critical Services
These two VMWare enabled machines are designed never to have unexpected down time. If one of these machines fails, the other automatically picks up the load. Services running on these machines include authentication (active directory) and print plus other special needs services. These state-of-the-art Dell PowerEdge R610 systems each have 2 quad core Intel Xeon processors and 48 gigabytes of RAM.

Enterprise Resource Planning Services
Datatel Colleague is the ERP system the University uses to manage its operations. From budget management and payroll to enrollment and academic services, Datatel provides the glue which holds the University together. The core Datatel system resides on an HP DL380G5 server. This machine has 2 dual core Intel Xeon processors and 8 gigabytes of RAM. In addition, the University’s web portal to Datatel (WebAdvisor) is housed on its own Dell 1855 blade server with 2 Intel Xeon CPUs and 6 gigabytes of RAM.

Moodle Services
Moodle, Oglethorpe's online electronic classroom enhancement tool, is based on a single Dell PowerEdge R610 with dual quad core Intel Xeon processors with 48 gigabytes of RAM. This system, while dedicated to Moodle, is integrated into the University VMWare farm to provide us extra flexibility with upgrades and system maintenance.

Network Environment: The OU network consists of fast Ethernet hardware running TCP/IP. Gigabit Ethernet provides high speed transmission to each of our 25 buildings. The core backbone ring is two gigabit links paired. Ethernet provides high speed (100 Mbps) access to most desktop computers and peripheral devices.

The OU network is connected to the AT&T (formerly Bellsouth) MetroE Atlanta backbone via a 20 Mbps full-duplex Ethernet connection, making Internet services readily and reliably available.

Telephone Infrastructure: As of the summer of 2009, Oglethorpe's landline telephone system has been converted to be entirely voice over IP (VOIP). Based on Cisco System's Communications Manager for call control and Unity Connect for voicemail, the system is run on two MCS 7835 servers (which are rebranded HP DL380G5 machines). The infrastructure also includes a Cisco 2821 Integrated Services Router for outside communications.

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