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All student-owned computers on the residential network must run the latest anti-virus software from IT Services.

Information on how to download and install the recommended anti-virus software can be found on PetrelNet at: petrelnet.oglethorpe.edu/IT/Security_Software/default.aspx.

Any student computer that is found to be infected with a virus will be removed from the Oglethorpe network for a period of two weeks. During that time, the student will be expected to obtain the most recent recommended anti-virus software and use it to clean the computer of all viruses. If your computer becomes infected a second time during the semester, it will be removed from the network for the remainder of the semester.

Please note: If we are forced to remove your computer from the network, you will still be able to use your network login to check e-mail and use all of Oglethorpe's computer resources from the computer labs. These are located in Goodman Hall, Goslin Hall, and the library.

Why is this necessary?

Computers that are infected with viruses continue to be a major problem on the Oglethorpe network. Many times, IT Services only becomes aware of an infected computer when it begins to attack servers and/or staff, faculty or classroom workstations. By then, it is often too late to stop other computers from being affected or having our services interrupted.

Further, when a machine is found to be infected, it often takes four to five hours to identify the computer that is the source of the virus attack, determine the owner of that computer, and then actually take steps to stop the computer from spreading the virus on our network.

If you allow your computer to become infected, you put your files, your computer, and the university's infrastructure at risk. While many viruses are more annoying than damaging, some are designed to erase all of the contents of your hard drive or damage it such that the machine cannot be used. Using the Oglethorpe recommended anti-virus software will help stop these attacks before they begin.

And, even better, the software is free! 

Where can you obtain anti-virus software?

Oglethorpe's recommended security software is free and can be downloaded from the software developer's websites. Instructions on where to find and how to install this software can be found on the IT Services section of PetrelNet. This software will work anywhere, on or off campus, and while it is required for our on-campus residents, it is also recommended for our off campus students as well.

For more information regarding antivirus software, please contact the Helpdesk office via OASIS, at (404)364-8880 or helpdesk@oglethorpe.edu.


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