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Policy on Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment

Oglethorpe University values the dignity of the individual, human diversity, and an appropriate decorum for members of the campus community. Harassing behavior interferes with the work or study performance of the individual to whom it is addressed. It is indefensible when it makes the work, study or living environment hostile, intimidating, injurious or demeaning.

It is the policy of the University that students and employees be able to work, study, participate in activities and live in a campus community free of unwarranted harassment in the form of oral, written, graphic or physical conduct which personally frightens, intimidates, injures or demeans another individual. Discriminatory harassment directed against an individual or group that is based on race, gender, religious belief, color, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or age is prohibited. Discriminatory harassment is defined as unwelcome oral, written, or physical conduct directed at the characteristics of a person or group such as negative name calling and imitating mannerisms, slurs, graffiti, or the physical act of aggression or assault upon another which interferes with the individualís employment or education, or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive employment or educational environment.

In addition, sexual harassment of a student by another student, of a student by an employee, of an employee by a student, or of an employee by another employee will not be tolerated and is prohibited. Any unwelcome sexual advance, requests for sexual favors, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, or any verbal conduct that might be construed as a sexual slur that: (1) interferes with performance or creates a hostile, offensive, or intimidating environment and/or (2) is an expressed or implied condition imposed by a faculty member for evaluation or grading a student, or by an employee for evaluating job performance or advancement of a subordinate or colleague, will be viewed as misconduct.

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