Math Placement

Taking the test

Oglethorpe uses the ACCUPLACER College Level Math Test to place new students into courses that have a math pre-requisite.The test is only offered in a proctored environment, either by appointment on campus at Passport (free) or anytime by online proctoring via ProctorU (with a fee). Each student may take the test up to two times.

The test is available to all but is mandatory for students whose intended major is any of the following:

Engineering (dual-degree)
Undecided (but considering one of these fields)

OPTION 1: Online proctoring

We offer online proctoring through ProctorU. The fee for this service is $14.95-$24.95, depending on proctor availability. Schedule your test early for the best rate. This is a great option for students to complete the test on your own time, and we highly encourage you to consider it. Click the portal link below to schedule your test session! Remember that in order to do scratch work during the online exam, you must have a whiteboard and marker with you; you may not use pencil and paper.

Before you start, read the guide to using ProctorU (PDF) FIRST.

ProctorU Oglethorpe Portal


OPTION 2: On-campus proctoring

We will also offer in-person, on-campus proctoring on the morning of each Passport date. Registered participants who still need to take the math placement test will be expected to arrive at the campus center at 8 a.m. for proctoring. If you have attempted the placement test online but wish to take it for a second time on campus, please notify the admission office.

Prep and studying

Free preparation options for ACCUPLACER are available online from the College Board.  There is also a smart-phone app and a web-based app available to help you study.

Please take time to study for the math placement test! Results are binding for your science and math course placement at OU. You may only retest once. If you have more questions, please see the placement test FAQs.

Questions about accommodations?

New students are expected to take the math placement test prior to advising at OU Passport. If you have questions about academic accommodations for the math placement test, please contact Accessibility Services as soon as possible and no later than two weeks prior to your desired proctoring date (whether online or at Passport).

Intensive Math Option (IMO)

The professors in your advising room at Passport will help you make sense of your four-year planning options, whether you are eligible to begin mathematics at OU in MAT-120, MAT-130, or a higher level. For students who would like to get a jump start on their college mathematics sequencing, Oglethorpe offers a summer Intensive Math Option during the month of July/early August. This is one way to get a head start on the pre-/co-requisites for fall courses in science/math majors. Visit the IMO page to learn more and to register (you must have completed math placement first in order to determine eligibility). Plus, the IMO represents an over 80% savings per credit hour vs. taking the same course in the fall! Note that each session is limited to 12 students.