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Residency & Exemption Policies

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Residency Requirements

Oglethorpe University is a residential liberal arts campus and first years, sophomores, and juniors are expected to live on campus.  Seniors are encouraged to remain on campus.  The housing contract is binding for the entire academic year and may not be terminated by the student.

Eligibility Requirements

  • At Oglethorpe University, first years, sophomores, and juniors under the age of 24 are required to live on campus.
  • First year status is assigned to a student who has earned less than 32 course hours from full-time enrollment at an accredited college or university.
  • Sophomore status will be given to a student who has earned at least 32 but less than 64 course hours from full time enrollment at an accredited college or university.
  • Junior status will be given to a student who has earned at least 65 but less than 96 course hours.
  • Credit equivalents, such as AP or IB, and/or joint enrollment do not count toward exemption from the residency requirements.

Exemption from the Residential Policy

If a student is interested in being exempt from the policy, he or she must begin the process by completing the Request for Exemption from Residential Policy Form available on the Office of Residence Life’s website.  Once completed and submitted to the Office of Residence Life, this form will be reviewed and a decision made.   Students may seek exemption from the policy if they are: 

  • 24 years of age or older
  • Married, Proof of Domestic Union, and/or Live with Dependents
  • Reside full-time with their parent (s) (or parental guardian) within a 25-mile driving distance of Oglethorpe University as measured by Google Maps.*

Exemptions may be granted for students who have lived on campus for 3 full academic years but who have not earned enough credits for senior status.

Exemptions are granted at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life and are not automatic.  Additional supporting documentation may also be requested.  A student must apply for exemption annually, until they reach senior status.

The Office of Residence Life must approve any exemption to the Residential Policy in writing before the beginning of the contract period for which the exemption is requested.  Therefore, exemption requests must be received by July 1 for fall semester and November 1 for spring semester.

Students should receive written approval from the Office of Residence Life for their exemption before switching their status with the Office of Financial Aid from boarder to commuter.

Payment of a contract breakage fee may be required if the request is made after a residence hall agreement has been signed.

*The home of a parent or guardian means the primary residence, not second home, vacation home, or rental property owned/rented by parent or guardian.  The official home address will be the address listed as such on file in the University Registrar’s office.

Aunts, uncles, siblings, and grandparents or other family members are not considered parents unless legal guardianship was awarded before the 18th birthday of the student.

Housing Accommodations or Exemption - Medical Necessity

Requests for accommodations or exemption for medical reasons must be accompanied by the private physician's letter of explanation and other supporting medical documents to substantiate the request. For confidentiality, you may submit it in a sealed envelope marked "Medical Confidential" to Oglethorpe University's Academic Success Center – Disability Services (ASC-DS). ASC-DS staff will review all medical requests and supporting medical documentation and must concur that the medical condition warrants special housing consideration which cannot be accommodated on campus. In some situations, ASC-DS staff may need to contact the private physician for further information or clarification. After review, ASC-DS staff will make a recommendation to Residence Life regarding the student's request.  For more information, please visit the housing and dining accommodations or exemption section of the Academic Success Center website or contact Mark Gross directly at mgross@Oglethorpe.edu.

Fraudulent Exemption from the Residential Policy

If a student is approved for exemption from the policy, and the information he/she presents is fraudulent or untrue, the exemption will be revoked and he/she is financially responsible for the full cost of room and board for the academic year.  The student will not be approved for future exemptions and additional sanctions may be assigned.


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