Make a Life Make a Living Make a Difference

Build an intellectual foundation for life

Faculty won't just know you by name. They will really know you.

Venture outside of your intellectual comfort zone. Discover a world that’s bigger than textbooks. Change your perspective, and then change it again. And again.

An Oglethorpe education is rigorous, challenging… and powerful. It starts with the Core— an integrated course sequence that all OU students share for their entire four years, regardless of major, background or life experience. Through the Core, you will learn to think about yourself, the world, and your place in it, while sharpening your ability to reason, analyze and communicate.

You won’t be cramming generic general education requirements into your first two years, so course work in your major can begin in your first year. While we have an extensive list of traditional majors and programs, you can also tailor your major precisely to your interests and aspirations. Oglethorpians are both curious and purpose-driven, with a wide range of interdisciplinary interests. That explains why our individually planned major is one of our most popular. Students are currently majoring in Socio-Urbanism: Urban Studies and City Planning; International Communications, Cultural Relations and Social Economics; Forensic Anthropology; and Dramatic Writing—just to name a few!

Why go to college for training that will be obsolete by the time you graduate? At Oglethorpe, we build intellectual skills that will serve you for life.

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