Economic Diversity

For Academic Year 2018-2019, 43% of first-time, full-time undergraduates attending Oglethorpe University were awarded Pell grants. Oglethorpe seeks to enroll a diverse population of students each year with regard to economic background. The mean new student Pell population at Oglethorpe’s peers is 41%, and the median is 43%. In order to ensure economic diversity, Oglethorpe would like to have an incoming cohort of students who are awarded Pell at a minimum is at the 25th percentile compared to peers, and a target the peer median.

  • Minimum: 25th percentile (currently 36% Pell)
  • Target: Peer median (currently 43% Pell)
  • Actual: 43% Pell

For the latest available data in 2017-2018, Oglethorpe met the minimum and achieved the target.

A first-time, full-time student has no prior postsecondary experience, is attending any institution for the first time at the undergraduate level and is enrolled for 12 or more semester credits.

Racial/Ethnic Diversity

Oglethorpe is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and strives to represent the racial and ethnic diversity of its locale. In Fall 2018, 53% of the incoming first-time, full-time cohort identified as students who identify as Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC). This represents a greater racial/ethnic diversity as compared to its peers. The percent of students who identified as BIPOC in the cohort at Oglethorpe’s peer institutions ranged from 14% to 57% with the mean and median being 35% students who identified as BIPOC.

  • Minimum: 33% students of color
  • Target: 50% students of color
  • Actual: 53% students of color

For the latest available data in Fall 2018, Oglethorpe met the minimum and achieved the target.

Age Diversity

Oglethorpe University is a traditional residential university. However, Oglethorpe does offer evening courses as part of an Adult Degree Program. This is limited to only a few majors, and this program has decreased in enrollment over the past several years. As a result of this offering, and as a commitment to diversity in student enrollment, Oglethorpe strives to enroll students that are considered non-traditional in age. In Fall 2017 (the latest year age was required in IPEDS), 9% of Oglethorpe’s undergraduate population was age 25 or older. The percent of adult students at Oglethorpe’s peers ranged from 1% to 22% with the mean being 6% adult students and median being 3%. Oglethorpe sets the peer median as its minimum and works to be at 10% as we strive to increase our transfer and adult programs.

  • Minimum: 3% students age 25 or older
  • Target: 10% students age 25 or older
  • Actual: 9% students age 25 or older

For the latest available data in 2017, Oglethorpe met the minimum and slightly missed the target.