Economic Diversity

For Academic Year 2020-2021, 35% of first-time, full-time (See definition below) undergraduates attending Oglethorpe University were awarded Pell grants. Oglethorpe seeks to enroll a diverse population of students each year with regard to economic background. The average new student Pell population at Oglethorpe’s peers is 40% and the median is 40%. In order to ensure economic diversity, Oglethorpe would like to have an incoming cohort of students who are awarded Pell that, at a minimum, is at the 25th percentile compared to peers, and a target of within 5% of the peer median. The 25th percentile for the peer group for 2020-2021 was 32% Pell.

  • Minimum: 25th percentile (32% Pell)
  • Target: within 5% of the peer median (40% Pell)
  • Actual: 38% Pell

Oglethorpe met the minimum and achieved the target.

First-time, full-time: A student who has no prior postsecondary experience (except as noted below) attending any institution for the first time at the undergraduate level and is enrolled for 12 or more semester credits.

Racial/Ethnic Diversity

Oglethorpe is located in Atlanta, Georgia and strives to represent the racial and ethnic diversity of its locale. In Fall 2021, 66% of the incoming first-time, full-time cohort identified as Students of Color (this excludes non-resident alien and race/ethnicity unknown from the denominator). This represents a greater racial/ethnic diversity as compared to its peers. Oglethorpe’s peers’ percent of Students of Color in the cohort ranged from 13% to 53% with the average being 32% and median being 29% Students of Color.

  • Minimum: 29% students of color
  • Target: 50% students of color
  • Actual: 66% students of color

Oglethorpe has met the minimum and achieved the target.

Age Diversity

Oglethorpe University is a traditional residential university. However, Oglethorpe does offer evening courses as part of an Adult Degree Program (ADP). This is limited to only a few majors and this program has decreased in enrollment over the past several years. As a result of this offering, and as a commitment to diversity in student enrollment, Oglethorpe strives to enroll students that are considered non-traditional in age. In Fall 2021, 5% of Oglethorpe’s undergraduate population was age 25 or older. The percent of adult students at Oglethorpe’s peers ranged from 1% to 20% with the average being 5% adult students and median being 3%. Oglethorpe sets the peer median as its minimum and works to be at 10% as we strive to increase our transfer and adult programs.

  • Minimum: 3% students age 25 or older
  • Target: 10% students age 25 or older
  • Actual: 5% students age 25 or older

Oglethorpe has met the minimum but not achieved the target. To address this issues, Oglethorpe will work to attract more non-traditional students through greater marketing of and recruitment to the Adult Degree Program.