Post-Graduate Outcomes

Employment or Continuing Education

Given Oglethorpe’s commitment to prepare students for success, it participates in the First Destinations Survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers to gather data on graduates’ experiences after completing their degree. Graduates are surveyed six months after earning a baccalaureate degree. Data show that graduates from Oglethorpe’s Class of 2020 report:

  • 70% are employed either full-or part-time
  • 18% are continuing their education in full-time graduate studies
  • 2% are providing service/volunteering
  • 10% are still looking for employment

Using peers, defined as other schools with a Carnegie Classification as Baccalaureate: Arts and Sciences Focus, Oglethorpe has defined:

  • Minimum: Peer average (86% employed or in continuing education)
  • Target: Exceed peer average by 5%
  • Actual: 88% employed or in continuing education

For 2020, Oglethorpe met the minimum, but did not achieve the target.