American Studies

American Studies

Mapping the territory of the American story.

America is built on a complex history, and many diverse cultures coming together. Exploring this rich tapestry requires an interest in the interdisciplinary – and an eye for the big picture. Luckily, that’s one of the things Oglethorpe does best, and the American Studies major is no exception. The program offers a fascinating, in-depth look at American culture, through the lens of history, literature, economics, social science, and the arts.

This high-level view of our nation’s history, present day, and possible future is more than just a major; it’s a way of gaining a life-changing perspective, acquiring life-changing skills, and developing the insight and confidence that transform a curious, insightful student like you into a lifelong leader.

Offered as:

B.A. in American Studies
Minor in American Studies

As an American Studies major at Oglethorpe, you’ll have many opportunities to chart your own course and explore the issues that matter most to you.

  • Oglethorpe’s annual Liberal Arts and Sciences Symposium is an exciting interdisciplinary event — the culmination of student research throughout the year and the perfect way for an intellectually curious student to shine. It’s also a great way to explore and present the kind of research projects that define American Studies. Recent talks included student research from the popular class Just Food? Cultural Rhetoric and Politics of Consumption, student essays on the history and evolution of American war-making, and honors theses like “Justice Not Long Delayed: Historical Perspectives and the Twenty-First Century Fight for Gay Rights” and “Invocation Dei – The Competing Roles of Christianity and Secularism in the Polarization of American Political Culture.”
  • With an interdisciplinary major like American Studies, an internship can be an important addition to your resume, helping you refine your focus and build your skills. At Oglethorpe, A_LAB career counselors are on hand to help any student find an internship that is relevant to their major, interests, and career plan. Top internship possibilities for American Studies majors include not-for-profit organizations, government and law offices, shadowing law enforcement (one student recently interned with a local police department), and stints at organizations in Washington, DC. And, if you have another great idea in mind, we’ll do our best to help make it happen.

A degree in American Studies draws on many of the best aspects of the liberal arts education, producing graduates who are strong writers, insightful thinkers, perceptive problem-solvers, and powerful communicators. As a result, there are plenty of potential career paths. Our well-rounded alumni are prepared for careers in business, marketing and advertising, journalism, politics, law, and more.

  • Recent grads have gone on to attend law school at some of America’s most prestigious institutions. Others have found roles in diplomacy and government, working for the U.S. Department of State and in the office of a United States senator.

Programs offered:
B.A. in American Studies
Minor in American Studies (TU)

See degree requirements and course descriptions in the University Bulletin.

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