Education – Dual Degree

Education – Dual Degree

A faster path to the front of the classroom.

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Teacher is one of those rare jobs that empowers you to shape the future. It’s a rewarding career, and an in-demand one too; K-12 teachers top the list of “hot careers” projected by the Georgia Department of Labor, with expected job growth of 13% between 2016 and 2026. Now, you can lay the foundation for your teaching career at Oglethorpe, and get there faster with the 4+1 Bridge Program.

Oglethorpe has partnered with Mercer University’s Tift College of Education to offer a dual degree program for educators. This accelerated program will allow you to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees plus initial teaching credentials in Georgia — in just five years of full-time study.

You’ll begin by majoring in the subject of your choice at Oglethorpe. In your junior and senior years, you’ll also take classes in education studies at Mercer, before moving on to more advanced study at Mercer alone. The program culminates in the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree from Mercer. You’ll then be eligible for initial teacher certification.

The Mercer M.A.T. offers specializations in early childhood education, middle grade education and secondary education, along with a specialization in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). So you can develop the special skills in teaching, mentoring, and support that best fit your goals for your career.

Through the 4+1 Bridge Program:

  • Study the theoretical frameworks underlying different approaches to pedagogy
  • Acquire tools and techniques for supporting students of different age ranges
  • Master the practical skills of research and assessment
  • Learn ways to integrate technology into the classroom
  • Gain hands-on experience in diverse classroom settings

Mercer’s Tift College of Education is the largest private preparer of educators in the state of Georgia. The institution is dedicated to serving the needs of all learners.

Offered as:

B.A., B.S., B.B.A, or B.A.L.S. in [Major] from Oglethorpe University
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Mercer University

Your time at Oglethorpe will equip you for whatever challenges the classroom throws at you. The Core at Oglethorpe is a one-of-a-kind experience that offers structured study across the arts, sciences and humanities to change the way you think about literally everything. You’ll become a better thinker, writer, researcher and persuader, all essential skills for shaping the minds of the next generation.

  • You’ll find great career opportunities as an educator in Atlanta, currently home to 89 public schools and many private schools, too. Education is expected to be the fastest growing industry in Georgia, with elementary and secondary schools adding around 35,000 jobs between 2016 and 2026.
  • Oglethorpe alumni have distinguished themselves as outstanding educators throughout the Atlanta metro area. Alumna Heidi Campbell ’94 was honored as Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year in 2010. Alumni Wanda Nesbitt ’09 and Kevin Travis ’02 were named Teachers of the Year by their school districts in 2010-2011. Alumna Emily Treuman Heend ’07 was one of just six finalists for the 2016 Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year.

Oglethorpe University Requirements

  • Candidates must be classified as a Junior and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75
  • Eligible degree programs include: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Sufficient SAT or ACT scores to exempt the GACE Program Admission Assessment or have passed the GACE Program Admission Assessment
  • Completed online, self-paced module “GACE Educator Ethics for Program Entry Assessment”
  • Complete a no-fee, streamlined application to the bridge program

Mercer University Requirements

  • For advanced study at Mercer (Phase II), candidates must successfully meet the above Oglethorpe University requirements and have the streamlined bridge program application approved by Mercer University
  • For graduate study at Mercer (Phase III), candidates must successfully complete the above criteria, have the streamlined bridge program application approved by Mercer University, and have earned an appropriate undergraduate degree from Oglethorpe

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