German Studies

German Studies

Engage with German language, literature, culture and society near and abroad

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During your studies at Oglethorpe, you will not only improve your language fluency, you will deepen your knowledge of the culture, literature, history and influence of peoples of the German regions around the world. The minor offers flexibility to allow each student to pursue their specific interests. This starts with an assessment of your current aptitude for the German language, from beginner to advanced, and continues with personalized attention and immersive experiences throughout the program to help you excel.

As a German Studies student, you will:

  • Gain fluency through real situational dialogues and readings.
  • Pursue your interest in German culture, society or in a specific historical period in a flexible program.
  • Engage with fellow students who are native speakers to further understand modern German culture.

“Having had not much of an opportunity to learn a new language and culture before, the German program has opened up a new door to explore music, literature, food, and more that are new to me. The German program has given me room to learn and grow for the sake of broadening my own horizons. I have lots of fun learning this language and culture!”
-Ambrose Blanchard ’24

Offered as:

Minor in German (TU)

Your minor in German Studies begins in the classroom, but as an Oglethorpe student you have opportunities to extend your education globally:

  • Learn the German language to an intermediate level while you engage and integrate with German culture both in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Study abroad for a summer, a semester or a year and earn credits towards your Oglethorpe degree.
  • Strengthen your language abilities in a realistic context for contemporary Europe while gaining insight into today’s German society.

At the end of the program, you will have a full portfolio of your work to exhibit and complement your language abilities. With these experiences, you will be well-positioned to apply for positions offered at German, Austrian or Swiss companies and organizations in the metro Atlanta area, the southeastern U.S., and internationally.

  • Draw on your interdisciplinary background, and your skills in communication and critical thinking to find work in a wide variety of fields, such as education, museums, nonprofit organizations, the hospitality industry, the corporate world, and more.
  • Combine your degree with one in literature, art, history, business and more to further expand your career opportunities.
  • Pursue graduate studies, especially in fields such as cultural studies, linguistics, German language and literature, or International Relations.

See degree requirements and courses in the University Bulletin.


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