Kristian Willingham

Kristian Willingham

Kristian Willingham

Senior Admission Counselor
Call: 404-364-8441
Text: 404-898-2364

Territory: Gwinnett County Georgia, Northeast Georgia.

Hometown: Trion, GA

Education: Berry College

Major: History

Favorite Place at Oglethorpe: I love to hang out at the Adirondack chairs between Hearst and Lupton. It is so peaceful!

Favorite Place in ATL: I love to be in Midtown at night time. All the city lights are so beautiful and it really hits me I am living in the city. It really puts everything in perspective and makes me so thankful to live in this place.

Why do you love OU?: I love Oglethorpe because it is truly a community for anyone who desires to be a part of it. It’s a diverse place where you’ll meet so many students and staff with different backgrounds, beliefs, hobbies, goals, etc; yet they find enough common ground in order to make this community the welcoming place it is. Oglethorpe is so unique in this way.

Favorite OU Tradition (Favorite OU Memory): The first time I worked MAP Day, our summer orientation. I had this moment watching the students who were on this precipice in life, so excited to start the next chapter into independence while still kind of clinging to mom and dad, and I remembered being in the place of life where everything seems so wide open and that anything could happen. I love that memory and it made me so excited for the students to move into OU and begin their journey.

What advice do you have to students?: When I look back on college, I remember people always telling me ‘you’re gonna miss this!’ after big events and milestones in life. It’s true you’ll miss the big things like events on campus or sporting events against your big rivals or spring break trips. But what you will really miss is everyday life: laughing in the library when it’s way too late and you just can’t focus, class discussions that make you think and challenge your beliefs, sunrises on a Monday morning walk to class, having your professors believe in you, dining hall trips with classmates who become your best friends for life. Don’t just soak up those big moments – soak up those little pieces of OU that made you want to be here in the first place. Every day matters.