Rachel Roller ’17

Rachel Roller ‘17

Manager of Visitor Experience

(404) 364-8308

Education: Oglethorpe University

Majors: Economics and Human Resource Management

Favorite Place on OU Campus: In one of the chairs underneath the tree on the Quad. It’s the best place to read, chat with friends or just relax.

Favorite Place in ATL: That is tough, but I’d have to say the Westside Provisions District. There’s lots of neat shops and restaurants, plus Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Why do you love OU?: I love Oglethorpe because of the overwhelming sense of community that is felt here from the moment someone steps on campus. The faculty, staff and students, we are all one big family and here to support each other. Oglethorpe is a place where almost anything is possible and there are countless people to guide and support you as you pursue your passions.

Favorite OU Tradition/Memory of Oglethorpe: Boar’s Head is definitely one of the most special nights of the year. It is a combination of holiday concert and induction/celebration of the newest ODK members where they have to perform a silly skit in front of the entire student body. They even bring in a real stuffed boar during the ceremony! It is the perfect time for us all to come together and celebrate the accomplishments of some of our best and brightest students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

What advice do you have for prospective students?: Come visit!! Our student ambassadors love showing prospective students and their families around. They are a wealth of knowledge and have wonderful stories to share. You can never really can tell how you might fit with a university until you walk around campus and speak with its students.