Intensive Math Option

Jumpstart your college mathematics sequencing!

Who: New students who plan to major in science, mathematics, or engineering.
What: Condensed summer offerings of Intro to Functions (MAT-120) and Advanced Functions (MAT-130).
When: July and August. See below for details.
Where: On campus. Commuting is fine, and a residential option will also be available for an additional fee.
Why: To get a head start on the pre-/co-requisites for fall courses in science/math majors.
Supplies: WebAssign and e-textbook, laptop or computer, graphing calculator, pencil and notebook.
Cost: $900 per course. Includes required textbook. Students who pursue the residential option will incur an additional $550 per course for a room.

IMO Sessions


MAT-120 Intro to Functions

Date: July 15-26, Monday – Friday
10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
12 students max
No adds (be there on the first day or not at all)
Drop deadline:  Noon on third day of class.
Withdrawal deadline:  5:00 p.m. on fifth day of class.
Registration: Any new student may enroll in MAT-120 (no pre-requisite).

MAT-130 Advanced Functions

Date: July 29-August 9, Monday – Friday
10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
12 students max
No adds (be there on the first day or not at all)
Drop deadline: Noon on third day of class.
Withdrawal deadline: 5 p.m. on fifth day of class.
Pre-requisite for MAT-130: A grade of C- or better in the IMO MAT-120, or placement into MAT-130 with the OU proctored math placement test.



Why would I do the IMO?
These courses are for students who want to “get the math juices flowing” in a supportive yet academically intensive environment. You might wish to get a head start on your first semester by completing a mathematics course that is a pre-/co-requisite for a major-area course that you aspire to take in the fall (e.g. BIO-101). You might wish to be a step ahead as you adjust to a college classroom, meet faculty members, and prepare for your intended course of study.

Is it open to everyone?
These courses are only for new students entering in the fall semester, and who intend to major in science, pre-engineering, or mathematics. Students may commute or secure their own off-campus accommodations, or stay on-campus for an additional $550 fee.

Do I need prior experience with pre-calculus or trigonometry?
The IMO is ideal for students who have already been exposed to coursework in these areas, and who wish to brush up on or expand their knowledge before the fall semester. The IMO will not be a leisurely overview of functions; students will begin solving problems on Day 1. If you are confident in your abilities but surprised by your placement score, the IMO may be for you. This is a good chance to “get the math juices flowing” and build on what you have already learned.

What if I decide not to do it, or I can’t come on these dates?
That’s okay. You are well-prepared to begin at Oglethorpe with or without the IMO sessions. Oglethorpe offers support for any student to finish any degree in four years, and you can always contact the professional advisors in the Center for Student Success to discuss your academic plan and consider your options. Remember, the IMO is simply for jumpstarting the course sequencing. It is exactly equivalent in content to what the mathematics professors will cover in the fall and spring semesters.

What if my mom says I should, but I’m unsure?
Given the intensive nature of the accelerated format, the IMO is only worthwhile if the student is self-motivated to participate. Your parent, coach, teacher or peers cannot provide the momentum for you to succeed, since you will need to focus, manage your time, and study hard in order to pass and demonstrate your mathematical proficiency. During the IMO, you will not have much time and energy to spare, so it’s important that YOU want to invest that time and energy! You should also consider whether you have the mathematical skill level to feel comfortable in such an all-day, every-day mathematics setting.

Can I take both MAT-120 and MAT-130 this summer, before the semester starts?
Yes, providing that you earn a “C-“ or higher in the IMO MAT-120. Keep in mind that these sessions are back-to-back: you would likely take a final exam in MAT-120 one day, and then begin MAT-130 on the very next weekday morning! If your schedule, stamina, and placement grade allow, you are welcome to do both IMO sessions.

So these are real college courses, worth 4 credits?
Yes. Although the syllabus is compressed into a short time period, the IMO sessions are equivalent to full semester courses. One full day of an IMO class is comparable to a week and a half of a semester course. The courses will appear on your transcript like any other 4-credit course, with no qualifying designation of “IMO” or “summer”.

What if I haven’t taken the mathematics placement test yet?
Sign up for the Math Placement Exam here! Even if you have taken an AP or IB exam that might opt you out of foundational level math, you still must take the exam, as class registration takes place before AP and IB scores have come in. If your AP and IB scores ultimately opt you out of foundational level math, you will be able to change your course schedule.

How do I sign up for the IMO?
Click here to be directed to the online registration form!

What material is covered?
MAT-120 and MAT-130 explore questions such as, “What is a function? How can I tell? How do they behave, and how do I work with them? What special categories of functions often show up?” In MAT-120, students will encounter linear, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions. In MAT-130, you will work with more advanced topics such as trigonometry, polar and parametric functions, and vector analysis.

Who is the instructor?
Both classes will be taught be an Oglethorpe faculty member, and will also feature Supplemental Instruction (SI) with an upperclassman peer teacher who sits in on all class time and helps lead small-group work, answers questions, etc.

Is there tutoring available?
Tutoring is available by request during the IMO. Your SI peer teacher will also be available during daytime group sessions to help you review challenging material.

Am I allowed to be absent?
No. Attendance is mandatory. You should not miss part or all of any IMO class day—not for work, a doctor’s appointment, a carpooling delay, a prior commitment or any other reason. Because one day of IMO is equal to a week and half of a regular semester, it will be extremely detrimental to your learning process if you are absent for any portion of it.

Can I drop the course after I start?
Yes, you will have until noon on the third day of class to drop the course. Absolutely no drops will be allowed after this time. Dropping a class means that you are completely removed from the roster, and no record of having started the course will appear on your transcript.

What if I start, but after a couple of days I know I am really (really) struggling. What do I do?
College courses also have an option called “withdrawal.” Withdrawal means that the course will still be listed on your transcript, but instead of a letter grade (A-F), you will have a W. If you withdraw from a course, it does not become part of your college GPA. It is not a dishonor to cut one’s losses and withdraw from a course, and it is not unusual to see a W on an undergraduate transcript, but you should consider this carefully with your instructor prior to withdrawing. The IMO withdrawal deadlines are listed above.

What will the format be like?
The course assumes that students will be using a laptop or a computer, and your professor will use lots of collaborative learning techniques through the WebAssign program (part of your textbook). WebAssign includes tools such as example problems, interactive practice, and video tutorials. Very little time will be spent on lecturing. The majority will be for small groups to work together and ask questions or for individuals to practice concepts on their own.

Is there homework, too?
Yes. For example, in MAT-120 you will have daily homework in WebAssign. The WebAssign format is adaptive, meaning that you can work a problem as many times as you wish until you get it right (and understand why you did). You will have the opportunity to do much of your homework in class while you are at OU. The better use you make of your class time, the less you will have to do later at home.

How is it graded?
You will receive a letter grade A-F. Each course will have a midterm and a final exam, along with daily individual work, homework and frequent quizzes.

What is the textbook? Where can I get it?
The required textbook for both courses is Precalculus w/ WebAssign Code, edition 7, by Stewart. The cost of the e-book as well as WebAssign access will be included in your IMO fee. You will be provided with your access information on the first day of class.

Do I need a graphing calculator?
Yes, you must have a graphing calculator for both IMO courses (and, looking ahead, for numerous other OU courses). If you need to obtain a graphing calculator for college coursework, the instructors suggest a TI-83 or TI-84.

You say I need to bring a laptop (or request computer access at OU). Why?
The IMO courses will rely on computer-based practice sets, examples, videos and interactive learning tools. It is ideal for each student to bring his or her own laptop, or to arrange to borrow one from a family member or friend for the duration of the IMO session. If this is strictly impossible, let us know and we will pursue arrangements for computer access at OU.

Can I use an iPad?
No. WebAssign relies on a Flash feature, which Apple tablet products do not support. Your laptop must be able to use Flash.

What should I bring with me on the first day?
Before arriving on the first day, you should obtain and bring a laptop, a graphing calculator, a pencil and a notebook. You should be in class a little before the start time with these items ready. You should also bring excitement to bond with your new classmates while doing a lot of math!

What if I live out of town?
There is an on-campus residential option available for an additional fee. Reserving a room for each course costs $550. The residential option is not mandatory, and students are permitted to commute during each session, as long as the student can make their own arrangements for transportation and a place to stay.

What about meals?
Meals are not included in the housing fee. Students can eat on their own in Town Brookhaven, in the dining hall when open, or bring a lunch to class.

Will there be a break in the program? Can I leave campus?
Yes, there will be a 1 hour break each day for lunch. Students may spend this time as they choose.

What if I don’t have access to a laptop?
If this is the case, Oglethorpe will arrange for you to use a computer while you are in class. Please register for the IMO at least one business day before the start date, so that the OU staff has adequate time to assist you. Remember that you will also need access to a computer to complete daily quizzes and homework after class, so you should consult the OU library summer hours or make arrangements within your household or neighborhood for “after hours” work.

What happens next after the IMO?
If you pass the IMO session of MAT-120, you will be eligible to register for MAT-130 either in the next IMO session or during the academic year. You will also become eligible for MAT-121, BIO-101 and CHM-101 in the fall. If you pass the MAT-130 session, you will be eligible to register for MAT-131, PHY-101 and PHY-201 as well as the courses listed above. This may mean that you need to complete a drop/add form to modify your course registration. Your advisor will be available to guide you through your options.

Does the fee become part of my fall tuition?
No. The IMO is billed as a summer session course, so you will receive a separate charge. The IMO will not affect your fall balance, payment plan or financial aid.

Is there financial aid available for the IMO?
At this time, Oglethorpe does not offer grants or scholarships for the IMO.

How and when do I submit the course fee?
You must submit the IMO fee before the session begins, or by 9 a.m. on the first day. You may call the HUB for Enrollment Services at (404) 504-1500 to pay by credit card, or you may visit the HUB in person (ground floor of Lupton Hall). All credit card transactions incur a 2.99% service fee.

What if I forget to pay the fee beforehand?
You must submit your fee on or before the first day of class. If you have not submitted payment by 5 p.m. on the first day of the session, you will be dropped from the IMO course session.

What is the total expense? What else do I need to budget for?
$900 is the fee per course. In addition to the course fee, if you do not own a graphing calculator, you will need to borrow or purchase one (a new TI-83 is approximately $100). You may also wish to plan on fuel or transit costs to and from Oglethorpe. If you are interested in the residential option, this will add $550 per course, for a total per course of $1,450 (plus the calculator and transit considerations noted above).


Additional Questions?

You can email [email protected] with additional questions about the IMO. Within five business days you will receive a reply from a professional advisor in the Center for Student Success who will help you obtain information or consider your options.


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