Study Away

Learn about yourself and the world

We would like to see every Oglethorpe student engage in global learning opportunities. We strive to ensure our students can choose from many high-quality activities on campus and locally in addition to programs in the US and abroad focused on study, internship, or research a on any continent, in any major. We strive to find options that meet students’ needs related to the price, length of the program, and a myriad of other preferences. We work to offer local and global experiences accessible to our students through local and international partnerships, faculty directed programs, and affiliations with study abroad providers and entities who create diverse learning opportunities across local, domestic, virtual and international modalities.

Step 1. Explore

Oglethorpe students can study away during semester programs (fall, spring, and summer) which can include student exchange or partner providers as well as highly popular short-term programs (2-5 weeks) often taught by Oglethorpe faculty.

The decision to study away is a crucial one. Deciding about the best program for you requires carefully consideration of several factors including personal goals, academic goals, personal finances, and personal preferences. Costs for study away can be less than, comparable, or greater than the cost of an equivalent period of study at Oglethorpe. Selecting the right program should not focus on just a few variables. ViaTRM is a tool to help make the process of identifying and evaluating options that match personal needs and preferences more efficient. Explore 1000’s of programs on every continent that include study, internship, research, and virtual options from 1 week to 1 year.

ViaTRM logo, Traveler Relationship Management
  • Students interested in earning academic credit through study away will use ViaTRM to explore, apply, commit and complete forms, and hear about events, scholarships, and post graduate opportunities abroad. View the video playlist below to learn more about using ViaTRM.
  • Check out this helpful infographic to help you get started with ViaTRM
  • Create a your Petrel’s Abroad Account, complete the program match, your Traveler Info (Profile), and favorite programs you’d like to explore and discuss with Global Education and your supporters.
  1. Review the ViaTRM brochure, visit the international partner or study abroad website to dig into the details and compare, and connect with Global Education advisors for support to understand the program types flesh out the considerations that are most important to you.  
  2. This is an iterative process that helps you focus on the most critical information and will help you to favorite a handful of options in ViaTRM that stand out.  
  3. Talk with supporters (Global Education, OU staff & faculty, family, peers who have returned from programs abroad, and other supporters to discuss the options and narrow down to the best fit for YOU!  
  4. Anytime you have identified some potential options you want to discuss or have questions, set up an advising appointment. 

Program Types at a Glance

Oglethorpe faculty curate academic courses in a location that enhances the curriculum through immersion in an environment that deepens the connection to the material and maximizes the learning experience. Programs are promoted to students in ViaTRM and by the faculty director. 

Faculty led programs are usually announced 4-8 months in advance of departure, and each program will be taken for academic credit. These well-planned, insightful programs offer unique opportunities for students who desire to see the world and experience it directly, earn credit while doing so, gain an introduction to the language, food, and customs of other cultures, and invest in their own intellectual and interpersonal development. Students travel with their OU peers and friends, stay in excellent hotels, tour archaeological, cultural sites, museums, and monuments in every city visited. In addition, students have opportunities to attend plays, musicals, and special events while abroad. 

Carefully review the complete brochure in ViaTRM, talk with the faculty director, and contact Global Education with questions you may have. Apply for a faculty directed program using ViaTRM by the posted deadlines just like all study away programs. Students receiving federal or state financial aid may be able to apply to the aid to the educational expenses for this program type. All students earn credit and pay Oglethorpe tuition for the course associated with the program and the study abroad fee. 

Oglethorpe faculty, teaching Oglethorpe courses, for Oglethorpe credit… at an Oglethorpe campus abroad.

Through our global study partner, LeadAbroad, Oglethorpe offers three unique types of experiences:

  1. Traditional study abroad for credit programs with independent travel opportunities.
  2. Unique study abroad programs for credit with experiences focused on leadership, service and adventure.
  3. Curated non-credit travel experiences focusing on adventure, service opportunities and local culture.

These programs are <5 weeks and include students enrolled at Universities all over the U.S. who are seeking high quality classes and impactful leadership and adventure experiences. Carefully review the complete partner brochure in ViaTRM, visit the LeadAbroad website, and contact Global Education with questions you may have.

Students can locate the LeadAbroad program brochure and apply using ViaTRM just like all study away programs. Students receiving federal or state financial aid may be able to apply to the aid to the educational expenses for this program type.

Oglethorpe has partnerships with the institutions and organizations listed below. As a result, Oglethorpe students are eligible for direct admission to study in at the partner location. This is the most immersive study away option in that students are enrolled alongside students from all over the world taking classes in English (when offered by the partner) or in the language native to the partner university when desired by the student.

*Partner organizations require Global Education at Oglethorpe University to submit a nomination on your behalf prior to applying or registering to enroll abroad.

Carefully review the complete partner program brochure in ViaTRM, visit the partner website, and contact Global Education with questions you may have. Students can locate the partner program brochure and apply by the posted deadlines using ViaTRM just like all study away programs. Students must also complete the partner application and all procedures required by the partner by the deadlines communicated with the student. Students receiving institutional, federal or state financial aid can apply it to the program cost for this type of program.

ArgentinaBuenos AiresUniversidad de Belgrano
AustriaWiener NeudstadtUniversity of Applied Sciences
EcuadorQuitoUniversidad San Francisco de Quito
FranceLilleUniversité Catholique de Lille
GermanyDortmundUniversität Dortmund
ItalyFlorence*Florence University of the Arts
JapanOtaruOtaru School of Commerce
NetherlandsThe HagueThe Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)
SpainMadridUniversidad Francisco de Vitoria
SwitzerlandSt. GallenOST – Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences
United KingdomOxford**Oxford University - Oxford Study Abroad Program

*Florence University of the Arts is an international partner which allows Oglethorpe students to direct enroll and pay lower partner tuition and housing rates.

**While this is NOT a traditional exchange partnership, Oglethorpe has arranged a special rate with Oxford so that a semester cost is similar to what a student pays for a semester at Oglethorpe. Students pay OU tuition + the Oxford program fee therefore institutional scholarships and loans can be applied to the costs of attending Oxford.

Space is limited to 6 students for enrollment in the Michaelmas (fall), Hilary (winter) and Trinity (spring) terms. Only students with at least junior status are eligible to participate in this program and a 3.2 GPA is required for both application and participation. Students who enroll in the summer session(s) are direct billed by OSAP Oxford and are not counted in the annual cap of 6 students.

Our goal is to maximize the variety of opportunities to study anywhere in the world. We have identified a handful of study abroad providers (private businesses focused on developing and delivering high academic quality programs) that Oglethorpe students are authorized to apply and participate in. Since these programs are administered by the individual organization/provider, it is essential the student/participant conduct thorough research with the provider to gain comfort on the structure of the program, academics, level of immersion and related programmatic elements, as well as cost.

Students receiving federal and state aid may apply their aid toward the costs of the study away program. Carefully review the complete partner brochure in ViaTRM, visit the authorized provider website, and contact Global Education with questions you may have. Students can locate the authorized provider program brochure and apply using ViaTRM just like all study away programs. Apply for a study abroad provider program using ViaTRM by the posted deadlines just like all study away programs. Students must also complete the provider application and all procedures required by the provider by the deadlines communicated with the student. Students receiving federal or state financial aid can apply it to the program cost for this type of program.

Create an account, complete your traveler info (profile) and complete the Program Match in ViaTRM 

Step 2. Apply

Parker Freeman sits in a window sill in Budapest, Hungary.

Parker Freeman sits in a window sill in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Once you’ve identified the best-fit program, submit the OU application in ViaTRM. 
  • 2024-2025 deadlines are September 15 (January and spring terms), February 15 (summer term), and March 15 (fall term).  
  • While there is NO COST to submit an OU application to study away, it’s best to pick a program with lots of support and guidance since there are so many variables to consider and the program features and costs of study away vary considerably.
  • Applying to the international partner or study abroad provider is also required and generally is done after being approved by OU to study abroad (to ensure nominations can be completed with the international partner and to avoid paying application fees to the provider that may not be refundable) 
  • The OU application to study away is required for all types of study away where credit is earned and even some OU non-credit programs.  

Step 3. Commit and Prepare

  • Complete the OU required forms in ViaTRM as well as international partner or provider forms  
  • Review guidance, take action, and respond to communication from the international partner or study abroad provider  
  • Take steps over two-three months to prepare for living and studying in the new location (including passport and visa, housing, course registration, healthcare/medical, emergency preparedness, travel plans, and packing) 
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling and living abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Stay Informed, Stay Connected, Stay Safe! 
  • Seek out information about the location, culture, food, and life in general  

NOTE: If a student visa is needed for the study abroad destination, obtaining one is the student’s responsibility, and students work directly with the appropriate consulate (or external agency that will provide the visa) in obtaining one. Global Education is here to support you and asks you to communicate with us the progress in obtaining the visa from the respective consulate.

  • After Global Education has reviewed an OU application to study away and the application is approved, student must complete several forms and steps in the 3-4 months prior to traveling to the program location.
  • All of the OU forms are submitted in ViaTRM and often require conversations with your supporters, including your academic advisor, faculty/program coordinators, financial aid and scholarships, parents/family, and peers.
  • Developing a budget is essential and requires consideration of costs associated with the specific program selected.
  • Costs vary greatly related to transportation to and from the international destination, room and board, and the standard of living for the program location.
  • The OU forms trigger several administrative steps including registration in the FOR study abroad course.
  • The FOR registration triggers aid disbursements and OU study away scholarship awards.
  • FOR registration also triggers fees billed to the student’s account, payable to Oglethorpe before embarking including:
    • Federal, state, and institutional aid that can be applied toward the cost of study away. Any questions about eligibility of aid to apply toward study away must be discussed directly with OU Financial Aid and Scholarships staff.
    • A study abroad fee.
    • A Health Insurance fee (cost varies based on the student’s current health insurance policy, the length of the program, and the type of coverage required- comprehensive coverage or medical evacuation and repatriation of remains).
    • For those studying at our OSAP Oxford partner, the Oxford Program Fee.
    • For those studying at one of Oglethorpe’s exchange partner universities, the billing of tuition from Oglethorpe at the same rate as if the student were studying in Atlanta.

Step 4. Pre-Departure Orientation and Arrival

Participation in a pre-departure orientation meeting is required. This is also an ideal time to connect with other students who will study away that term, reflect on the checklist of activities you’ve completed or need to complete, and reflect on your goals and aspects that you have on your mind with support and assurances y

Within 48 hours after arrival in the country of study abroad be sure to update the “CURRENT ADDRESS” listed in ViaTRM to ensure that your physical address is known and accurate for the duration of your program abroad.

Step 5. Re-entry

Prior to departure from the program location ensure you have identified and completed any procedures to ensure your transcripts will be sent to Oglethorpe directly. The Director of Global Education will process the transcript and forward it to the OU Registrar’s Office for successful recording of credits.

Please have transcript mailed or emailed to:
Dr. Marisa Atencio
Global Education
Oglethorpe University
4484 Peachtree Rd., NE
Brookhaven, GA 30319

Upon return from the program abroad, complete a Study Abroad Evaluation Form in ViaTRM. We also encourage a meeting with the Directory of Global Education to help you reflect, share key feedback, and identify tangible ways to leverage the study abroad experience by including the transferrable skills obtained through experiences abroad on a resume. These skills will translate toward a job and are what employers will look for in applicants’ cover letters, resumes, and interviews.