Ariel Liberman

Oglethorpe Faculty

Ariel Liberman

Lecturer, Core Studies Office: Hearst 205-B
Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12-2 p.m. (Fall 2022)

B.A., New York University
J.D., Boston University
L.L.M., Emory University


Ariel Liberman, JD, LLM is a Lecturer in the Department of Core Studies, SJD (PhD in Law) Candidate at Emory University School of Law, and Randolph W. Thrower Scholar in Law and Religion at Emory’s Center for the Study of Law and Religion. He earned his B.A. from New York University, a J.D. from Boston University, and an L.L.M. from Emory University.

Though he kicked off his professional career as an attorney back in 2018, his prior training in literature and history, his fascination with the theory and philosophy of law and order, obsession with the ethical, historical, and social dimensions of the field, and a true love of learning drew him back into academia quickly. And it is here that he shall stay! Though he has only been at Oglethorpe since 2021, he has taught sections of Core 201, 202, and 301. In his own words: “I love every moment of teaching these classes; the questions, the problems, the ideas we discuss at every level of the sequence get to the very ‘core’ (sorry, I had to) of who and what we are as a society.”

Areas of Expertise:

Liberman has taught 200- and 300-level courses in the Core curriculum. His expertise lies in the areas of education law and policy, comparative law, law and community, and the intersection between law and religion. His previous work has explored U.S. education policy from all different angles: from advocating for American policy reform from the perspective of Jewish Law or (Catholic) Canon Law, to exploring the federal role in regulating indigenous tribal schools, to examining the link between schooling, community, and law in American history. He has written on interreligious engagement, theory of law, and comparative law topics.