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Oglethorpe Faculty

Sithira Ratnayaka

Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry Office: Cousins 321

B.S.E, M.S., Biomedical Engineering, Tulane University
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Sithira Ratnayaka – CV

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Areas of Research and Interest:

  • Polymer-based microparticles for use in theranostic drug delivery utilizing ultrasound medical imaging and delivery.
  • Image Processing algorithms for medical imaging.
  • Developing new general chemistry lab course to include brand new hypothesis-driven research projects ensuring the full spectrum of application of the scientific method to the point that the students were able to conduct and present research independently.
  • Optimized the growth of multicellular tumor spheroid clusters using cellular-material interfaces in fabricated environments.

Honors and Awards:

  • Georges Lurcy Grant award
  • 1st place in Physical and Applied Science award
  • UAB Research Symposium Travel Grant (UAB GSG)
  • Semifinalist in 3-Minute-Thesis Competition (3MT)


  • Ratnayaka, A. Alford, N. Gupta, B. Lippold, V. Kozlovskaya, M. Bolding, and E. Kharlampieva. Ultrasound imaging and pHIFU functionality of theranostic lbl system. ACS Colloids & Interfaces. Nearing Submission.
  • Gupta, S. Ratnayaka (joint first author), M. Erdmann, J. Nikles. Development of research-based lab curriculum to foster research interests in freshman/sophomore undergraduate chemistry students. Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research. Submitted.
  • Xue, V. Kozlovskaya, M. A. Sherwani, S. Ratnayaka, S. Habib, T. Anderson, M. Manuvakhova, L. Klampfer, N. Yusuf, and E. Kharlampieva. Peptide-Functionalized Hydrogel Cubes for Active Tumor Cell Targeting. Biomacromolecules. 2018. 19(10), 4084-4097.
  • Chen, S. Ratnayaka (joint first author), A. Alford, V. Kozlovskaya, F. Liu, B. Xue, K. Hoyt, E. Kharlampieva. Theranostic multilayer capsules for ultrasound imaging and guided drug delivery. ACS Nano. 2017. 11(3), 3135-3146.
  • Hoyt, J. W. Warram, S. Ratnayaka, A. Traylor, A. Agarwal. Molecular Ultrasound Imaging of Tissue Inflammation Using an Animal Model of Acute Kidney Injury. Molecular Imaging and Biology. 2015. 17(6), 786-792.
  • N. Hoang, H. Y. Murad, S. H. Ratnayaka, C. Chen, D. B. Khismatullin. Synergistic ablation of liver tissue and liver cancer cells with high-intensity focused ultrasound and ethanol. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology. 2014. 40(8), 1869-1881.
  • H. Ratnayaka, J. M. Sosa, S. S. Shevkoplyas, and D. B. Khismatullin. PDMS Well Platform for Culturing Millimeter-Size Tumor Spheroids. Biotechnology Progress. 2013. 29(5), 1265-1269.
  • “PDMS Well Platform for Culturing Large Tumor Spheroids”. Inventors: H. Ratnayaka, D. B. Khismatullin, S. S. Shevkoplyas, and O. Forouzan. US Provisional App. No. 61/623,286.

Courses Taught:

  • CHM 422 & 422L Instrumental Analysis
  • CHM 101 & 102 General Chemistry Lecture
  • CHM 101L & 102L General Chemistry Lab