Film Production

Film Production

Study film production in the no. 1 city for filmmakers to live and work.

The best filmmakers combine practical knowledge, impeccable technical skills and real-world training with curious minds, rich inner lives, and original perspectives… in other words, the kind of fusion of theory and practice where Oglethorpe students excel.

At Oglethorpe, you’ll experience the thought-provoking intellectual foundation of The Core, supported by experiential learning to help you pursue your dream career. You’ll learn from faculty members who are highly trained professionals in the field, drawing on decades of experience in all aspects of filmmaking, including camera work, sound, editing, screenwriting, pre-production and post-production.

The Oglethorpe Film Production program enables students to…

  • Think visually, considering lighting, color and composition as aspects of film production.
  • Consider how audio and visuals work together to support and deepen a narrative.
  • Understand planning, writing, production, and post-production as aspects of a film-making project.
  • Master the technical skills and aesthetic considerations of still and digital photography.
  • Acquire hands-on expertise with relevant equipment and software for filming and production.

As a Film Production student, you’ll major in Studio Art with a concentration in film.

Offered as:

Track within Studio Art major

Can you guess 2016’s top-rated city to work and live as a filmmaker? The answer is… drumroll, please… Atlanta, Georgia ! The Peach State now hosts the third largest film industry in the U.S., coming only behind California and New York. And thanks to its lovely climate, great culture and lifestyle, and low cost of living, Atlanta won the top spot for the total work-life package.

Bottom line: Atlanta, Georgia is a pretty perfect place to launch your career as a filmmaker. And Oglethorpe students benefit from top-notch opportunities for internships, networking and experiential learning.

  • Oglethorpe students recently got a front-row seat to Atlanta’s film and TV industry. In December 2015, a television pilot was filmed right here on campus. The director invited students from Dr. Reshmi Hebbar’s elective course in “TV & Reading” for a behind-the-scenes tour of set and production. Oglethorpe is often selected as a set for films and TV shows.
  • Campus MovieFest is the national competition for student filmmakers, and Oglethorpe’s talented movie-makers definitely hold their own! In 2015, an Oglethorpe team was one of five chosen from nearly 500 in the southeast to advance to the final round of the Campus MovieFest Fan Choice Award and compete for the $10,000 prize.
  • Get hands-on experience operating state-of-the-art audio and video equipment. Here at Oglethorpe, students like you get to handle professional-level equipment from the very first day of class. Plus, gain even greater technical mastery by participating in seminars on advanced film production techniques, both on and off campus.
  • Oglethorpe film students have completed internships at an impressive roster of Fortune 500s and media groups, including CNN News, Georgia Public Television, the Coca-Cola Company, Black Rock Entertainment LLC, Bill Anderson Photography, Buckhead Business Radio, 79th and York Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau, Jackson Spalding communications firm, and Cartoon Network.

As a film production student, you’ll acquire technical knowledge with immediate practical value to many organizations. You’ll also develop skills in communicating a message, holding up under pressure, managing projects, meeting deadlines, and creating a polished product as a team —important skills in any career.

  • Film production graduates can pursue a number of roles in film and television writing, producing, filming, editing, post-production, and more; plus, look for jobs at news and culture publications, advertising and marketing agencies, and communications departments at large organizations and companies.
  • Oglethorpe graduates have found employment in broadcast production, freelance movie production, social media companies and advertising agencies. One is now an on-air news broadcasting talent in Albuquerque, NM. Another worked for STAR94 Radio before accepting a communications position at the Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Atlanta. Other alumni have gone on to graduate studies in film at Boston University and University of Washington.

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