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We offer two options for students wishing to further challenge themselves intellectually:

Option 1: Complete an Honors thesis

Honors Programs offered:
Honors in [Name of Discipline] (TU)

As a student in the Honors program, you’ll develop your own independent project, while learning how your interests relate to relevant disciplinary discourse, other academic disciplines and the world beyond academia. The ultimate goal of the Honors program experience is to complete and defend an Honors thesis. You’ll do this by working closely with a faculty member over the course of your education at Oglethorpe. You’ll be required to present your thesis at the annual Symposium in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. As an Honors program graduate, you’ll be particularly prepared to pursue graduate study.

If you’re interested in the Honors program, the first step is to learn about the program from section 9 of the University Bulletin. You may then apply for admission to the program at the end of your sophomore year or the beginning of your junior year. Acceptance into the program allows you to register for HON 301, the first course in the Honors series. Complete and submit the Honors program application when you’re ready to begin!

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View past Honors theses completed by former students:

Past theses

Option 2: Convert any course into an Honors course

If you have a strong interest in a particular area of study, you can apply to convert any course for which you’ve already registered into an Honors course. Upon successful completion, the the class will be marked with an “H” designation on your transcript to indicate that honors-level coursework was completed. This option is open to students at all grade levels. You’ll need to go above and beyond what is normally required for the course, and get your plans approved by the Honors Committee. First, learn about this option in section 9.23 of the University Bulletin. Then review the information in the Honors credit conversion guide for assistance in completing and submitting an Honors credit conversion application. This process must be repeated for every course you wish to convert to Honors.

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