Oglethorpe Results
28% of the oglethorpe student body plays a sport
  • 2Men's golf national championships and 13 conference championships
Oglethorpe Men's Track & Field Oglethorpe Men's Track & Field
Oglethorpe Stormy Pretels
Nationally-ranked women’s basketball has earned NCAA tournament bids for the past two seasons.


Oglethorpe has one of the oldest traditions of intercollegiate athletics in the state of Georgia. Our 16 teams play in the NCAA’s largest division, Division III, in the Southern Athletic Association (SAA)– a league of the most selective liberal arts colleges in the South. With 28% of our student body playing a sport, student-athletes play a big role at Oglethorpe, driving core values like dedication and teamwork. And unlike the stories you hear about big college sports, our student-athletes earn higher GPAs on average than the rest of the student body, proving they can hit the books as hard as the ball.

Small and Mighty

During his crossing of the Atlantic in 1732, James Edward Oglethorpe found inspiration in a small, seafaring bird-- who against all odds survived the stormy seas with a balance of grace and grit. And like our students, the Stormy Petrel shows the strength and will to overcome any obstacle, hence our motto: Nescit Cedere (s/he who does not know how to give up.)