Oglethorpe Faculty

Roarke E. Donnelly

Professor of Biology Office: Cousins 229
Email: rdonnelly@oglethorpe.edu
Phone: 404-364-8401

B.A., Lawrence University
M.S., Utah State University
Ph.D., University of Washington

Classes Taught:
Biological Inquiry, Biostatistics, Conservation Biology in Hawaii, Urban Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Evolution Seminar, Science and Human Nature, Introduction to Environmental Studies, and Seminar in Environmental Studies

Teaching & Research Interests:
Population, community, and behavioral ecology of birds; Conservation Biology; and Sustainable Development.

Study Species:
American dippers, eastern bluebirds, songbird communities, Chinese privet, and Hawaiian spinner dolphins.

Recent Publications:

  • Donnelly, R. 2018. Impact of piscicides extends beyond targets and toxicity. Restoration Ecology 26:1075-1081.
  • Donnelly, R., T. Katzner, I.J. Gordon, M.E. Gompper, S. Redpath, T.W.J. Garner, R. Altwegg, D.H. Reed, K. Acevedo-Whitehouse and N. Pettorelli. 2011. Putting the eco back in ecotourism. Animal Conservation 14:325-327.
  • Lepczyk, C.A. and R. Donnelly. 2011. A beginner’s guide to reviewing manuscripts in ecology and conservation. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 4:25-31.
  • Mendelson, J.R. and R. Donnelly. 2011. The crisis of global amphibian declines: events, causes, and consequences. Teaching module for the Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners, American Museum of Natural History.
  • Donnelly, R. 2009. An assessment of assemblage nestedness in habitat fragments. Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology, Volume 6, Ecological Society of America.

Recent Professional Positions Outside OU:

  • Master Bird Bander, US Geological Survey; Board Member, Atlanta Audubon Society; Adjunct Faculty, University of Georgia; and Associate Editor, Journal of Animal Conservation.