Oglethorpe Faculty

Roarke E. Donnelly

Professor of Biology; Director of Environmental Studies Program Office: 404-364-8401
Room #: Cousins 229

B.A., Lawrence University
M.S., Utah State University
Ph.D., University of Washington

Classes Taught
Biological Inquiry, Biostatistics, Conservation Biology in Hawaii, Urban Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Evolution Seminar, Science and Human Nature, Introduction to Environmental Studies, and Seminar in Environmental Studies

Teaching & Research Interests:
Population, community, and behavioral ecology of birds; Conservation Biology; and Sustainable Development.

Study Species
American dippers, eastern bluebirds, songbird communities, Chinese privet, and Hawaiian spinner dolphins.

Recent Publications

  • Donnelly, R. 2018. Impact of piscicides extends beyond targets and toxicity. Restoration Ecology 26:1075-1081.
  • Donnelly, R., T. Katzner, I.J. Gordon, M.E. Gompper, S. Redpath, T.W.J. Garner, R. Altwegg, D.H. Reed, K. Acevedo-Whitehouse and N. Pettorelli. 2011. Putting the eco back in ecotourism. Animal Conservation 14:325-327.
  • Lepczyk, C.A. and R. Donnelly. 2011. A beginner’s guide to reviewing manuscripts in ecology and conservation. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 4:25-31.
  • Mendelson, J.R. and R. Donnelly. 2011. The crisis of global amphibian declines: events, causes, and consequences. Teaching module for the Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners, American Museum of Natural History.
  • Donnelly, R. 2009. An assessment of assemblage nestedness in habitat fragments. Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology, Volume 6, Ecological Society of America.

Recent Professional Positions Outside OU

  • Master Bird Bander, US Geological Survey; Board Member, Atlanta Audubon Society; Adjunct Faculty, University of Georgia; and Associate Editor, Journal of Animal Conservation.