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Oglethorpe University 2027 Strategic Plan

Under the leadership of President Nick Ladany, Oglethorpe began its strategic planning process in November 2020. The goal is to create a process that provides university stakeholders multiple opportunities for input to collectively develop a meaningful and visionary strategic plan.

The planning process includes four phases, which can be viewed in the timeline below.

For questions about the strategic plan and the planning process, please contact Dr. Rebecca Sandidge, Oglethorpe University Chief of Staff.


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Strategic Planning Facilitation Team

The Strategic Planning Facilitation Team (SPFT) is comprised of faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, parents, and administrators. The SPFT meets monthly and continually incorporates stakeholder feedback into the development of the Mission, Vision, Core Values, Strategic Priorities, and Strategic Initiatives.

Strategic Planning Facilitation Team members

  • Dr. Marisa Atencio, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Global Education
  • Dr. Laura Renée Chandler, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Dr. Mario Chandler, Professor of Spanish
  • Zuri Johnson ’23, Oglethorpe Student
  • Dr. Kate Keib, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
  • Dr. Nick Ladany, Oglethorpe University President
  • Dr. Kathryn McClymond, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Tahiti Mitchell, Oglethorpe Parent
  • Dr. Brian Patterson, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Dr. Viviana Plotnik, Professor of Spanish
  • Randy Roberson ’97, Oglethorpe Trustee and Alumnus
  • John Tilford, OUMA Curator of Collections
  • Dr. Rebecca Sandidge, Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Iona Wynter-Parks, Lecturer of French
  • Dr. Katharine Zakos, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

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Elements of the Strategic Plan

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The mission will concisely capture Oglethorpe’s purpose and identify its uniqueness.

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The vision is an aspirational statement that reflects where Oglethorpe is striving to go in the future.

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Core Values

Core values are the enduring factors that are important to Oglethorpe and are essential to the campus community. These core values will inform the mission and vision.

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Strategic Priorities

Strategic priorities are key areas of focus that will move Oglethorpe forward in meeting its mission and vision.

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Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives are programs, projects, plans, and/or activities that support specific priorities. These initiatives will be prioritized on an annual basis.