Student Complaint Process

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Institutions of higher education receiving Title IV funding must inform current and prospective students of the policies and procedures for filing complaints. Oglethorpe’s policies and corresponding procedures are outlined in the University Bulletin.

Many of these policies contain specific, embedded procedures for filing complaints. These can be found in section 3.9 General Policies for Handling Student Complaints, Appeals and Requests for exception.

File a General Complaint

Examples include but are not limited to: ADA discrimination or appeal, discrimination complaint, harassment complaint, retaliation complaint, FERPA-related complaint and general complaints or appeals.. Complete the General Student Complaint and Appeals Form. Form entries will be sent to the Director of Compliance in the Office of the University Counsel.

As needed, academic, non-academic, or incident reports can also be filed in the General Student Complaint and Appeals Form. If you have concerns about submitting a complaint about an administrator who may be reviewing the complaint in question, please feel free to file with another office (outlined below) and note your concern. All complaint intake and follow-up procedures will be systematically reviewed to help ensure equity and impartiality.

File an Academic or Non-Academic Complaint

Examples include but are not limited to: late course add, drop, withdrawal, etc. Complete the Academic/Non-academic Appeal, Complaint, or Waiver request form. Form entries will be sent to the Associate Provost and Registrar.

Report an Incident

The incident reporting form should be used to provide information concerning alleged policy infractions, common area damages, problems, or concerns to the Division of Campus Life. This information will only be used to initiate an investigation or as supporting evidence in a current investigation. Additional contact information can be found on the Student Conduct website.

Sexual Misconduct should be reported immediately to the University, the police, or both. Learn more about Title IX and sexual misconduct reporting here

Note that employee complaints, appeals, and requests for exception are governed by policies established in the Faculty Handbook and/or the Employee Handbook and are therefore not subject to these protocols.