Curiosity is the catalyst for grand experiments - inside and outside the lab.

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Chemists help cure and treat diseases, create innovative products, synthesize new materials with useful properties, develop eco-friendly approaches for industry, and even assist in solving crimes. In fact, the work of chemists has been essential to many of the most futuristic innovations we enjoy today.

As a chemistry student at Oglethorpe, you’ll:

  • Investigate the four main branches of chemistry: inorganic, organic, physical, and analytical
  • Explore high-level topics like organic spectroscopy, quantitative analysis, and biochemistry.

You’ll also develop a deep understanding of the scientific method, both in theory and practice; you’ll learn the techniques underlying chemical experimentation, how to design research methods that are scientifically sound, and how to record and analyze your results in a systematic way.

Offered as:

B.S. in Chemistry (TU)
Minor in Chemistry (TU)

As a chemistry student at Oglethorpe, you’ll learn how to run an airtight experiment in the lab – but the discovery doesn’t stop there. You’ll also have the opportunity to discover your talents and goals in the real world, and explore what matters most to you, from the classroom to the laboratory, and beyond.

  • As a world-class city and home to major industry, Atlanta is a leader in research. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a major driver of life-saving health research, are located just down the road. Atlanta also boasts a huge healthcare market, providing additional opportunities for anyone whose career interests lie in the healthcare industry.
  • It’s no secret that first-year chemistry courses cover some of the toughest topics around. At Oglethorpe, you’ll get the strong start you deserve, through small, student-focused classes that offer each learner an opportunity for one-on-one mentorship and instruction.
  • If your goal is a career in chemistry – or any kind of research – you can get a head start here and master the art of presentation. The Liberal Arts and Sciences Symposium, one of Oglethorpe’s beloved annual traditions, offers top-notch students in every discipline the opportunity to present their individual research projects to their peers.

A chemistry degree is ideal preparation for careers in the medical and healthcare fields; many chemistry graduates go on to medical school, nursing school, pharmacy school, or veterinary school. But there are plenty of additional options.

  • Enroll in a graduate program in chemistry or a related field, and pursue a career as a biochemist, biomedical engineer, chemical engineer, food scientist, forensic scientist, or materials scientist.
  • Put your science skills to work in a variety of settings: as a lab tech in a research lab, a hospital or clinic, a veterinarian’s office, or as support, marketing, and sales staff in the chemical industry. Or, become a science teacher and share your knowledge with others.

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