"History is not was, it is." -William Faulkner

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Here at Oglethorpe, history students don’t just absorb knowledge of historical figures and events, or memorize names and dates. They go further, much further: analyzing historical moments for their greater significance; exploring their connections to past, present, and future; challenging dominant narratives; uncovering hidden causes and implications.

In other words, Oglethorpe students encounter history not as an ossified record of the past, but as an ever-evolving inquiry into a story that is still shaping us today.

Small, discussion-driven classes – and a focus on written and oral presentation – teach students how to effectively articulate and support their ideas. Overall, the curriculum emphasizes skilled research, strong critical thinking skills, and intelligent debate, producing graduates with fierce intellectual firepower and strong career prospects.

A few courses that are currently offered include:

  • The Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons
  • The Age of Chivalry, 800-1450
  • The Renaissance and Reformation
  • The Age of Revolution- Europe and the Atlantic World 1776-1849
  • The Age of Empire and Nationalism – Europe 1848-1914
  • The Age of World Ware- Europe 1914-1945
  • The Age of Affluence: The United States Since 1945

Offered as:

B.A. in History
B.A.L.S. in History
Minor in History (TU)
Minor in History (ADP)

At Oglethorpe, history comes to life – first with stimulating classroom conversations, and then with hands-on opportunities for experiential learning.

  • Oglethorpe history students have completed internships at the Atlanta History Center, the Buckhead Heritage Society, the Carter Center, the Foxfire Museum, the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation Historic Site, the Mighty Eight Air Force Museum, and the Piedmont Park Conservancy.
  • One service-learning course takes students on a 10-day trip to Moscow, where their volunteer efforts at a local orphanage cap a semester studying Russia’s history and contemporary culture.

History majors frequently pursue careers as archival specialists, librarians and research assistants, museum staff, or historical preservations. Other likely fields include education, diplomacy, journalism, law, public relations, and public service.

  • A history degree from Oglethorpe is an excellent foundation for graduate study in a diverse selection of fields: archaeology, anthropology, political science, international studies, social work, and of course, a master’s or Ph.D.
  • Recent alumni are attending graduate school at American University, Columbia University, Emory University, Georgia State University, West Virginia University, and others.

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