High-level mathematics + mentally stimulating liberal arts. Math at Oglethorpe is a lot more than the sum of its parts.

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Math isn’t just a highly useful tool. It’s also an alternate language: an entirely different way of understanding and describing the world. And high-level math training will enhance your skills in reasoning and problem-solving.

Oglethorpe’s math curriculum is designed to help students move from concrete, algorithmic-based reasoning in the earlier courses, to more abstract, formal reasoning in the capstone courses. As students level up their reasoning skills, they also learn to communicate more effectively, and convey mathematical results with clarity and rigor, in both speaking and writing.


Actuarial Science

Offered as:

B.S. in Mathematics
Minor in Mathematics (TU)

Math can be a highly theoretical and abstract subject – but your learning experience doesn’t have to be. Oglethorpe math students have plenty of opportunities to turn theory into practice.

  • Rock an internship. Become a tutor. Volunteer. Though helping others is its own reward, we find that teaching someone else a difficult subject often helps the teacher as much as the student. So OU’s service learning opportunities help you solidify your skills and understanding, while lending your community a helping hand.
  • With a high teacher-to-student ratio, Oglethorpe students benefit hugely from the guidance and expertise of their accomplished professors. Among the advantages: getting started on the research track early. One math student is researching facial recognition software, and another is looking into algorithms for stock market prediction.

Your future is bright. What does it hold?

  • Thanks to their top-notch portfolio of in-demand skills, math graduates have a number of options for great careers in business, industry, law, mathematical finance, actuarial science, data analytics, and education.
  • Recent Oglethorpe math grads are working in insurance, banking, law, computer programming, international business education, psychometrics, and the actuarial sciences. Others are deepening their expertise by pursuing graduate degrees in math, or passing on their knowledge as teachers and professors.

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