Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

The MBA that meets you where you are — then helps you to level-up.

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, offered through the Hammack School of Business, is a dynamic graduate program designed to prepare students from any undergraduate major with the skills and academic background to lead an examined professional life.

Whether you’re just starting your career in business or ready to accelerate and expand your career in the business world or beyond, the Hammack MBA is the right path for you.

Uniquely Flexible

  • Evening courses in a log-in/drop-in hybrid format. 
  • Each course will meet one night per week from 6 – 8:30 p.m. for a full semester. Summer courses meet multiple times per week. 
  • Each course will be composed primarily of live sessions where students may attend in person or via interactive broadcast. 
  • Choose to start in the fall or spring semester. 
  • An MBA Bootcamp, a self-paced online course, designed for those without recent academic experience in business, will be offered before each semester. 
  • Accounting majors can complete the 150 hours for CPA exam eligibility while gaining an MBA. 

Full-time MBA

  • 30 credit hours
  • Finish in one year
  • 4 fall classes; 4 spring classes; 2 summer classes

Part-time MBA

  • 30 credit hours
  • Finish in two years
  • Each year: 2 fall classes; 2 spring classes; 1 summer class

“We have designed this degree program with the working professional in mind. The learner will have full control and flexibility in how they want to participate all while keeping live teaching with real professors as the cornerstone of the program.”
Dr. Stephen Craft, Dean of the Hammack School of Business

Special Tracks:

Who should attend MBA Bootcamp?  

  • The MBA Bootcamp is optional for those with recent undergraduate degrees in business.  
  • The self-paced online course is designed for those without recent academic experience in business. 
  • Bootcamp modules will include brief baseline experiences in economics, accounting, management, marketing, finance, information technology and business analytics. 
  • The MBA Bootcamp will be offered for a minimum cost for any program applicant and is non-credit bearing. 


Offered as:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Hammack MBA instructors are diverse, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 leaders, offering a full spectrum of real-world perspectives to advance your career goals.

By the end of the MBA program, you should…

  • Understand core business disciplines.
  • Think critically with the decision-making skills of an open, effective leader.
  • Possess information and tools needed to live an examined professional life.

As a graduate with a highly sought-after credential, you’ll have a competitive advantage in today’s evolving job market.

Oglethorpe’s engaged alumni network is ready to welcome you to their ranks and encourage you on your journey.

Example of a Full-time schedule, beginning in the Fall semester:

First Semester
Monday – MBA 500 – Business, Society and Leadership
Tuesday – MBA 530 – Current Issues in Accounting
Wednesday – MBA 520 – Economics for Decision-Makers
Thursday – MBA 562 – Human Resource Management (concentration course)

Second Semester
Monday  – MBA 510 – Financial Management
Tuesday – MBA 550 – Marketing Management
Wednesday – MBA 575 – Managerial Data Analytics
Thursday – MBA 580 – Entrepreneurship (concentration course)

Summer Sessions
Summer session 1 – MBA 570 – International Management (concentration course)
Summer session 2 – MBA 599 – Strategic Management




  • Letters of Recommendation
  • GRE/GMAT Scores
  • Interview

View MBA application instructions and FAQs on our How to Apply page.

Per Credit Hour = $575.00
Fees Per Semester = $75
Program Credit Hours = 30
Program Tuition = $17,250
Program Costs = $17,625

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