Next Steps

Congrats! You’re a Stormy Petrel!

Admitted students checklist:

Now it’s time to confirm your enrollment

Please complete the following form(s) as soon as possible and no later than May 1 (if you are enrolling in the fall) or Jan. 1 (if you are enrolling in the spring).

Enrollment Response Form

This is how to notify us officially of your intent to enroll (or not to enroll) at Oglethorpe University. All entering students must submit a USD $300 enrollment deposit to secure a place in the class. This enrollment deposit is refundable until May 1 (fall) or Jan. 1 (spring) provided that you request the refund in writing.

Deposited students checklist:

Once you have completed your enrollment deposit, you will receive more information about the steps below. All of the applicable steps below must be completed before the start of the term.

Health Forms

All entering students must submit the required health history documents before the start of their incoming semester. The immunization form is available here.

Course Preference Form

All incoming students will complete a course preference form outlining their academic preferences. First-year advisors will use this form to create first-semester schedules.

OU Email & OASIS Account

You will receive an email from the OU Office of Information Technology Services that will contain your Oglethorpe University student email address and account information, as well as instructions for how to log into and activate your account. Follow the instructions and log in to your account as soon as you receive the email. Once you’ve activated your account, we’ll begin sending all official correspondence to your student email address. If you have any questions, go to, email the OU Help Desk at, or call the Office of Information Technology Services at 404-364-8880.

Housing Application OR Exemption Application

All entering students must complete a housing application OR an exemption application. Housing applications will be available starting in November for Spring 2017 students.

Accommodation/Accessibility Services

New students who require accommodation should notify Accessibility Services in the Academic Success Center as soon as possible after submitting the enrollment deposit, and at least two weeks before the first day of classes, or any on-campus program. Email to discuss the requested accommodation or make an appointment.

Final Transcripts & AP/IB Scores

As soon as you obtain final transcripts or official from your current institution, please send them to Oglethorpe. This includes final high school transcripts, college transcripts (for transfer students), duel-enrollment transcripts, AP scores, and IB scores.

2017 Billing and Payment

All billing statements are sent electronically via our e-bill website.
Your login credentials will be emailed to your OU email account, and your first billing statement will be available after you register for classes. An email will be sent to your OU email account each time a new statement is ready to view. Once you’ve received your first electronic statement, you can use the shared access option to register additional bill payers. This link will also allow you to grant access to other individuals such as parents/grandparents or guardians who may be assisting with your college costs. You can give access to multiple people.

Orientation & Move In

Spring 2017: More details about move-in and orientation will be announced shortly!
Fall 2017: More details about move-in and orientation will be announced shortly!

Get Connected

Get to know your future OU classmates by joining the official Facebook group for your Oglethorpe University class!