Hands-on Learning

Put your knowledge to work in the world—before you graduate.

OGLT_A-Lab_Logo_Primary_LargeOglethorpe gives you that chance – from faculty-led excursions and short-term trips to longer-term experiences through our Atlanta Laboratory for Learning. The A_LAB is a different concept for a university. It leverages Oglethorpe’s unique location in the international city of Atlanta and offers experiences that let you test what you learn.

With help from the A_LAB, you decide how to map your four-year journey. And every one is unique. That journey may include any combination of experiences through study abroad (a few weeks, or a semester), internships (on the other side of the world, or down the street), research (independent, or side-by-side with your professor), or civic engagement (as part of your course of study, or just because you’re driven to make a difference, or both).