Student Profile


You might be wondering… who is the typical Oglethorpe student? What will your classmates be like? Will you fit in here? Well, for starters, we don’t really do “typical.” We’re more about the eccentric, the eclectic, and the extraordinary. But since you asked, we’ll do our best to answer:

Oglethorpe students are bright, curious, and engaged. They aren’t looking to hide from their professors, but to really learn from them. They’re independent, individual, and involved. They’re willing to work with everything they’ve got—in the classroom, on the job, in the community. They’re entrepreneurial thinkers who aren’t afraid to explore new ideas. A quarter of them are the first in their families to attend college.

Some are athletes. Some are artists. Some are all of the above.

Some are unconventional. Some are a bit quirky. Some are just plain weird, and proud of it!

They’re personable and friendly. They’re liberal and conservative. They come from the city, the suburbs, and the country—or another country altogether. They’re confident in who they are, no matter who that might be. They know that leaders are born in the most unexpected places.

They’re free spirits and fierce competitors. They come here with open minds and open hearts.

They work to build an accepting community where differences are embraced. Where cliques are absent. Where “an active Greek life” means “everyone is welcome.”

In short… There is no “typical” Oglethorpe student. There’s no standard to conform to and no background to blend into.

That’s what makes us all Petrels. We like it that way. If you feel the same… You might just be a Petrel, too.

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