CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

Within the CLEP testing program are two categories:

  • General Examinations cover the areas of English Composition, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Science, and Social Science and History. Oglethorpe only awards credit for the General Examinations in Humanities. Minimum acceptable scores are 500 for each general area and 50 in each sub-total category.
  • Subject Examinations are designed to measure knowledge in a particular course. A minimum acceptable score of 50 on a subject examination is required for credit. Enrollment Services should be contacted concerning which subject examinations may lead to credit at Oglethorpe.

CLEP examinations normally are taken before you matriculate at Oglethorpe. Only under special circumstances will credit be awarded for an examination taken after you complete your first semester at Oglethorpe. A maximum of four semester hours will be awarded for each examination. A maximum of 32 semester hours may be earned with acceptable CLEP scores.