How to Apply

Please choose an application type for more information and application requirements:


Students currently enrolled in high school or who have recently graduated high school and have not enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another university or college. This includes undocumented students.


Students who have recently attended a regionally accredited college or university since graduating from high school. This includes undocumented students.


Students for whom English is not their first language, have completed some of their education outside of the U.S., and are seeking F-1 student visas. Undocumented students are not considered international and should apply as first-year or transfers.


For students who were previously enrolled in classes at Oglethorpe University, left for 3 consecutive semesters, and now wish to re-enroll.


All other students not seeking a degree from Oglethorpe. Includes Exchange, Gap Year/Transient, Readmission, Audit, Dual/Joint Enrollment, PostBacc/Special Status.


For students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and want to begin or expand their career in business.

Adult Degree Program

Degree programs for adults age 22+ who are beginning their undergraduate education or returning to college. This program does not meet qualifications for student visa approval.  International students should complete a traditional undergraduate or transfer student application.

Statement on Applicants’ Use of AI in the Admission Process

Oglethorpe University’s Office of Admission recognizes that AI-based technologies, such as ChatGPT, Bard AI, and others, are powerful and convenient tools. While AI-based writing assistance may be utilized to enhance elements of the application, such as language, grammar, and structure, it is crucial that the ultimate submission of any content be your own. We value authentic self-expression, and you should not copy and paste any content you did not create directly into any part of your application, essay, or supplemental materials. AI can be a useful collaborative tool to help you brainstorm and edit elements of your application, but ultimately, we want to learn about you from you.