Global Education


Global-Ed-1The Oglethorpe classroom is everywhere – and that means life-changing opportunities for learning and growth. Some might even stretch you to new limits, like riding an elephant in Cape Town… petting an ostrich… or diving with the sharks (safety cage included!).

Here are a few more:

  • Volunteer with schoolchildren, leading a rousing game of soccer or getting creative with a paintbrush for a school mural.
  • Watch the famous sunset over Santorini.
  • Leap off the highest commercial bungee-jumping bridge in the world.
  • Dive into the crystal blue waters of a far-off shore…. or wherever your inspiration leads!


Deeper Connections

Whether you choose to study abroad for a semester (or longer!), or take a shorter trip (summer break is prime time for adventure!), travel is an incredible way to deepen your relationships with your classmates and forge friendships for life. You’ll also get to know your professors in a whole new way — there’s nothing like an impassioned lecture right at the scene of some of history’s most famous archaeology and art! And through service activities, you’ll make meaningful connections with communities all over the world.

Global-Education---photo-credit-Robert-FindleyAdventure & Transformation: FROM “A” to “T”

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Ecuador, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Monaco, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey: from “A” to “T,” Oglethorpe’s sixteen International Exchange Partners around the globe. There’s also our premier academic exchange program at Oxford University in England, where many Oglethorpe students choose to spend at least one semester abroad.

The Journey Starts Here

Plan your perfect trip with help from the advisors at the Oglethorpe A_LAB. They’ll coach you through the ten easy steps to study abroad and answer your questions about the three unique types of travel experiences offered through our global study partner, LeadAbroad. Some trips even offer course credit, so you can enjoy global adventures and still graduate on time!