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What is Global Learning?

OU international students pose in front of the Atlanta Skyline on MLK, Jr. bridge.Global learning isn’t only a one-time international study abroad experience, (although study away can be life-changing!). Global learning is a combination of meaningful experiences and engaging with people from all over the world, collaborating across differences, and applying what is learned from those experiences and relationships to analyze and situate how and where we exist in the world.

At Oglethorpe this includes forging relationships with students on campus who hail from 30+ countries, engaging in programs offered by a range of multi-lingual and multi-cultural student organizations, programs and applied experiences through host of local and international partnerships, and more.

Everyone has opportunities to engage in global learning experiences at Oglethorpe! 

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Study Abroad group in Lille, France in 2022.Whether you choose to study away for a semester (or longer!), or travel a shorter period during spring, summer or winter break, immersive travel is an incredible way to deepen knowledge and expand perspectives.

Plan your perfect trip with help from the advisors in Global Education. They’ll coach you through the easy steps to study abroad and answer your questions about the three unique types of travel experiences offered through our global study partner, LeadAbroad. Some trips even offer course credit, so you can enjoy global adventures and still graduate on time!

OU international students participate in Oglethorpe Singers.

International students enrich our residential and learning communities at Oglethorpe University.

At Oglethorpe, you are a part of a small community with the world at your fingertips.



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