Undergraduate Research


Learning is about exploring, examining and investigating… and you’ll do all of that here at Oglethorpe. What makes this place special is that you’ll also learn by creating, inventing and innovating.

Here, experimental thinking is championed. Collaborative truth-seeking is supported. And diving deeper into knowledge is always encouraged. Our students aren’t passive pupils. Instead, they’re the type to take learning into their own hands — and research opportunities galore make that a lot easier to do.


Real-World Research

ResearchAt Oglethorpe, intellectual inquiry has real-world implications. Just ask our Environmental Studies students, who’ve researched potential park locations in DeKalb County and helped the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area brainstorm ways to manage invasive plants.

You could also ask…

  • The psychology students who travel to the Southeastern Psychological Association Conference each year to present their original research (complete with poster sessions).
  • Or Mon Baroi (’17), who led his classmates in designing a two-story (teeny) tiny house, complete with solar energy.
  • Or the students in the popular elective course Just Food, who conduct field research and produce analysis on food as a cultural, social, and community phenomenon.

A Chance to Shine

All great ideas deserve their day in the sun. Enter: the Liberal Arts and Sciences Symposium (LASS), Oglethorpe’s annual celebration of invention and research produced by Oglethorpe students themselves. This daylong symposium features student speakers who present papers, readings, art, and scientific posters. Check out this LASS playlist on Youtube for some of our student-scholars’ greatest hits.