MBA Application Round Deadlines and Requirements 

Oglethorpe University MBA students may enroll in August (Fall) or February (Spring) on either a part-time or full-time basis.

Application DeadlineNotification
Round 1January 26, 2024March 1, 2024
Round 2April 5, 2024**May 3, 2024
Round 3June 14, 2024July 5, 2024

To be considered for a particular August round, the MBA application must be completed by 11:59 pm ET on the application deadline date. We encourage you, however, to apply as early as possible. All incomplete applications will automatically be moved to the next round. We require all MBA applicants to apply using our online application.

**We encourage international candidates to apply no later than Round 2.

The priority deposit deadline for August (Fall) start is June 14, 2024. The required enrollment deposit to secure a spot in the MBA program is refundable until this date. The final enrollment deposit deadline for August start is June 21, 2024.

Application materials 

  • MBA application (required) 
  • The OU MBA application is available at 
  • All sections of the application, including the essay response, must be complete to be consider in an application deadline.  

 Résumé (required) 

  • A one-or -two-page résumé uploaded to your MBA application including employment, internship, and education experiences. The résumé is in addition to listing this information in the required sections of the application. 

College transcript(s) (required) 

For the purposes of admission, the Office of Admission will accept unofficial transcripts in the form of files or copies uploaded by the student. Please note that official final transcripts are required upon enrollment. Official transcripts can be sent electronically or by mail. 

  • Electronically: Via email from your registrar or school official to [email protected] 
  • By Mail: Sealed official transcripts can be delivered or mailed to the following address: Office of Admission, Oglethorpe University, 4484 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA, 30319

Letter(s) of Recommendation (optional)  

Up to two letters of recommendation from professors, supervisors, or community members will be accepted. Please be thoughtful when selecting your recommenders, and make sure that you choose at least one person who knows you well in your current position as a student or employee. Letters can be submitted through your application or emailed to [email protected]. No more than 2 letters will be accepted.  

GRE/GMAT Score (optional) 

  • Self-Reported: You can enter your GMAT/GRE scores into the testing section of your application or email a screenshot of your scores to [email protected]. GMAT and GRE scores for all enrolling students will be verified. Discrepancies between self-reported scores and official scores may jeopardize a student’s acceptance. 

Interview (optional) 

  • The admissions interview offers you the opportunity to explain your educational and career experiences to date and to elaborate on your post-MBA career plans. The interviewer is interested in both your professional accomplishments as well as your leadership and community achievements. The interview can take place over Zoom or on the phone and is similar to a professional job interview and lasts approximately 30 minutes. 

MBA Admissions FAQ 

  • The Office of Admission staff conducts a thorough and holistic review of every application. There is no number that will get you in, or keep you out of Oglethorpe, and we do not have absolute minimums for test scores or GPA.
  • For currently enrolled seniors at Oglethorpe, if you have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA you may be eligible for an expedited review process.

Yes, regardless of whether your credits from other institutions were accepted by the institution where you received your degree, we must receive a transcript from each post-secondary institution attended.

Yes, you may submit your application whenever you are ready. It will be reviewed in the first round following the date you submit. For example: If you submit after the Round 1 deadline, your application would be reviewed in Round 2.

Yes, loans are available, and students may borrow up to the budgeted cost of attendance. Loans include the Federal Stafford Loan, Graduate Plus Loan, Private Loans, and the International Student Loan. The International Student Loan does NOT require a U.S. co-signer.

No, we do not offer need-based or merit-based scholarship for the MBA program. All students may apply for financial aid loans to borrow funds up to the budgeted cost of attendance minus any scholarship received.

Our application fee is $50.

Oglethorpe welcomes applicants with undergraduate degrees from all majors. We look for students with diverse educational backgrounds.

Students entering the MBA may request to transfer up to six hours of prior coursework for inclusion in the MBA. To have any external hours transfer into Oglethorpe, we will ensure:

  • Course work was completed at a regionally accredited university
  • Course work was completed at the graduate level
  • The student earned a C or better in the courses
  • The courses represent at least the equivalent of three hours of graduate credit hours
  • The courses must be deemed to be appropriate equivalents of existing required courses in the program

The flexible log-in/drop-in format of our MBA program does not meet the necessary residency requirements required by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for Oglethorpe to issue an I-20 form required for a student to apply for an F-1 student visa. However, admission decisions are made without regard to immigration status. Therefore, students residing in the U.S. with a student visa (with OPT benefits or with plans to enroll concurrently), who hold another U.S. visa, who do not hold an immigration status, or who are residing abroad are admissible to the MBA program. Applicants are advised to verify that the Department of Homeland Security allows enrollment in a course of study incidental to their visa purpose/immigration status in the U.S.

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