Shakespeare and Renaissance Studies

Shakespeare and Renaissance Studies

Tragedies, comedies, and sonnets... and the world that brought them into being.

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Widely regarded as the greatest writer of the English language, William Shakespeare’s works occupy a special place in western culture. Though first performed over half a millennium ago, his plays remain as witty, insightful, moving, and relevant as ever.

Oglethorpe’s minor in Shakespeare and Renaissance Studies is a uniquely interdisciplinary program – the first of its kind – that offers a detailed and in-depth exploration both of Shakespeare’s works and the Renaissance culture in which he lived and worked.

The program requires each student to take four courses, with at least two courses on Shakespeare and at least one course focused on Renaissance culture and history. Options include:

  • Shakespeare’s Early Plays to 1603
  • Shakespeare’s Late Plays 16013-1613
  • Shakespeare at Oxford
  • Shakespearean Performance
  • And courses with a focus on history/culture from among “The Age of Elizabeth,” “Renaissance and Reformation,” “The Witch Craze,” “Italian Renaissance Art History,” “Northern European and Baroque Art History,” etc.

If you’re fascinated by “The Bard,” his works, and his life and times, there’s no better place to learn than here at Oglethorpe

Offered as:

Minor in Shakespeare & Renaissance Studies (TU)

  • Learning comes alive with our two-week summer study abroad program, Shakespeare at Oxford and London. You’ll take in plays at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the Globe Theatre, and Oxford Shakespeare Company, and marvel at historic sights like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the British Library, and of course, Shakespeare’s birthplace. But it’s not all play; each student also memorizes and rehearses at least a hundred dramatic lines, and the whole class collaborates to stage a final performance in an Oxford University garden.
  • A little closer to home, enjoy live theater and an outing with your classmates to Atlanta’s Shakespeare Tavern, or the Alabama Shakespeare Theatre, just a few hours way. You can also help the Oglethorpe Theatre Department bring the classics to campus, assisting with their annual Shakespearean or Renaissance production.

With its in-depth yet interdisciplinary focus, the minor in Shakespeare and Renaissance Studies is a strong, resume-expanding addition to many degrees, particularly in the humanities such as Art History, English, History, Theatre, or Writing.

  • Put your unique skills and knowledge to work in areas such as education, community events planning, historical reenactments and events, library work, and local and regional theater.

Programs offered:
Minor in Shakespeare and Renaissance Studies (TU)

See degree requirements and course descriptions in the University Bulletin.

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