Teaching and Learning Institute for Inclusive Innovation

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The Teaching and Learning Institute for Inclusive Innovation (TALIII) supports the learning of Oglethorpe students by providing faculty with tools and resources to improve their teaching. Effective teaching is a skill that can be continually developed and improved. TALIII’s mission is to enable faculty to teach in ways that are equitable, inclusive, innovative, and informed by scholarship on teaching and learning.

To support this mission, TALIII provides resources and programs with the following objectives.

  • Support the continual and iterative improvement in teaching of all faculty. 
  • Foster a supportive culture for new and early career faculty and provide practical insights and ideas in teaching for faculty transitioning from outside academia.
  • Promote inclusive teaching-practices, and evidence-based teaching strategies.
  • Provide a community where faculty can find support and collaborate to develop their teaching.  
  • Equip faculty with tools and skills to teaching effectively in multiple modalities.  
  • Share Oglethorpe’s expertise in teaching a diverse student body with the wider education community.

TALIII Fellows

TALIII Fellows at Oglethorpe University offer confidential consultation for professional growth and development of teaching expertise and practices. The goals are:

  • To enrich and amplify teaching practices in the classroom. Observation in one or more class sessions in your classes will help gauge your effectiveness in the classroom; you will gain feedback on your teaching methods and learn to respond to the observable behaviors of your students.
  • To interpret and respond to student course evaluations. Being responsive to students’ feedback about teaching is an integral part of improving your approach and methods.  A faculty member will receive feedback and insights on student comments and advice on how to respond to both negative and positive student remarks

Requesting a Consultation

  • Complete the request form at least 5 days in advance, identifying your reason for the request and your goals for feedback.
  • A TALIII Fellow will contact you to set up the meeting or observation.
  • The Fellow observes your class and reviews the observations with the faculty member in an agreed-upon time.
  • Schedule with the TALIII Fellow a follow-up meeting after implementation of any suggestions to discuss your perceptions and receive further feedback.


Faculty resources are available on the intranet.


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Andrew Walden

Andrew Walden, Ph.D.
Launch Director for the Teaching and Learning Institute for Inclusive Innovation
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Drew Huey

Drew Huey, D.B.A.
Faculty Fellow
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Kathryn Marsden, Ph.D.
Faculty Fellow

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Jaclyn McWhorter, Ph.D.
Faculty Fellow
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Karen Schmeichel, Ph.D.
Faculty Fellow
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