Core Equivalencies

Core Equivalencies for Transfer Students

Oglethorpe’s Core curriculum is required for all traditional undergraduate students pursuing a degree at Oglethorpe University. While there are no exemptions from Core requirements, transfer students may be able to satisfy some Core requirements with previously completed coursework. Core equivalencies are determined by the specific coursework a transfer student has completed and the total number of earned semester credit hours transferred to Oglethorpe. As much as possible, we strive for our transfer students to enter the Core sequence with their new cohort, meaning that we try our best to have transfer students who have completed one year of coursework at another institution enroll in the same course of the Core sequence as our second year students.

Please note that no Core credit is awarded for Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), dual enrollment, or International Baccalaureate (IB) coursework. Other credit can be awarded for this type of coursework; please see the corresponding sections on the Admission homepage.

Below is a guide to help illustrate how we evaluate transfer credits for Core equivalency. Please remember that each student’s situation is unique and therefore there may be some variances. Each transfer student is eligible for every level of Core equivalencies below their total number of earned semester transfer credit hours:

Transfer HoursCourse Credits from Previous CollegesCore Equivalents
1-14 hoursMusic Appreciation or Music History-OR-Art Appreciation or Art History-OR-Introduction to TheatreCORE 103-OR-COR 104-OR-COR 105
Over 14 hoursWriting Course Literature or Philosophy* courseCOR 101 and/or COR 102
Over 30 hoursAnthropology, Philosophy* or EconomicsCOR 201
Over 45 hoursTwo course in History Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy* or EconomicsCOR 201 and/or COR 202

Additional requirements and things to note:

*If a philosophy course is used as an equivalency for COR 102, the same course cannot be used to achieve an equivalency for COR 201 or COR 202.

As noted previously, no Core equivalency is allowed for Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) course work.

When Core equivalency is denied, an appropriately transferred course is awarded Oglethorpe general elective credit in accord with standard practices in the policy on awarding transfer credit (see Sec. 6.8.2. through Sec. 6.8.4. in Bulletin).

The following courses cannot be fulfilled by transfer credit:

  • COR 301 Historical Perspectives on the Social Order I
  • COR 302 Historical Perspectives on the Social Order II
  • COR 314 Mathematics and Human Nature
  • COR 400 Science and Human Nature

Study Abroad

Every student attending an Oglethorpe-approved semester or year abroad during their junior year (August through May) at Oglethorpe may petition the Core director to have their course work abroad count as an equivalency for one semester of the junior year Core, either COR 301 Historical Perspectives on the Social Order I or COR 302 Historical Perspectives on the Social Order II, at the student’s discretion. In order to receive the exemption, the student must petition the Core Director upon successful completion of the study abroad experience.

Transient Student

Once a student first matriculates to Oglethorpe, neither Core credit nor any equivalency may be earned through study as a transient student at any other institution.