Language Placement

Entering undergraduate students must complete a foreign language placement test prior to your first academic advising appointment at MAP Day. This requirement applies to all entering students who have previous experience in a foreign language, regardless of your intended degree, major or course of study. Oglethorpe offers coursework in Spanish, French, German, Japanese and elementary Latin.

Test Offerings:

Online via WebCAPE*




*Use the password stormypetrel

Offered by eMail


No placement needed


A few notes on language tests:

1. Because your Spanish, French or German test is administered online, you will not be proctored as you complete the exam. By beginning and submitting the online test, you agree to abide by the Oglethorpe University Honor Code.

2. If you wish to take the Japanese placement exam, please email the Office of Admission. We will help you arrange testing on campus either in advance of MAP Day or during your attendance at the program this summer.

3. If you have studied Latin previously, or if you wish to begin it at Oglethorpe, you may enroll in LAT-101 in the fall. No placement test is currently offered in Latin. The instructor of LAT-101 will consult with you in the fall if higher placement is warranted.

4. Placement tests are intended to assess your ability level in a foreign language as accurately as possible. Do not attempt to thwart this process! It is against your best interest as a student to use outside resources as you complete an online test. Should you reference a grammar or vocabulary source as you go, you will artificially inflate your placement recommendation and will risk being placed in a course that you cannot pass.

5. Each WebCAPE test is designed to take approximately half an hour, although different students may work at different paces. Students completing a WebCAPE exam will have the option to save and resume at a later time.

6. The WebCAPE exams in Spanish, French and German are computer-adaptive, which means that the test will present you with questions of different ability levels and adapt the level of each new question based on your previous response. In other words, the test will attempt to “zero in” on your actual ability level by asking questions both above and below your ability range, and the number of questions presented will likely vary from student to student. The exam in Japanese is paper-based and will have a set number of questions, including basic kanji characters.

7. If you have any experience in one of the languages listed above, you must complete a placement exam even if you intend to begin a new language at the college level. (Example: You took Spanish in 9th and 10th grades but wish to begin Elementary French I at the college level. You should still complete the Spanish placement exam. This does not mean you cannot register for French (you can). Testing closer to the time of your Spanish study will benefit your placement score, should you return to Spanish at a later point.)

8. If you have only studied a foreign language other than those listed above, please email the Office of Admission with details. Questions about previous study of Latin, Chinese, Italian, etc. should be directed to the Office of Admission as soon as possible. When registering for courses with your academic advisor, you will be eligible to begin at the elementary level of any of the languages offered at Oglethorpe University that you may wish to study.

9. Students who have taken AP or IB language courses must still complete a placement exam, even though course credit is given for a qualifying score on an AP or IB exam. Oglethorpe does not receive reports or transcripts of AP and IB scores until late in the summer, so course registration at MAP Day will be based on your placement test results. Students who have already received AP or IB scores (for language courses taken in the junior year, or for those who register late in the summer) are invited to bring their student score report to their advising session.

If you have additional questions about language placement at Oglethorpe or about the online exams themselves, please contact us.